Parts ConneXion In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for Shanling amplifiers and CD/SACD players. The Shanling US 1-year factory warranty is included on all our mods.


Parts ConneXion By virtue of selling consumer-direct, we can offer these super-charged, brand-new models for a better price than the same modifications would cost retro-fitted - though we offer that, too.

CDT-100 | CD-T1000SE | SCDT-200 | CD-3000 | PCD-3000A | STP-80 | SP-80 | MC-30

CDT-100CDT-100 Level-1 mod - $1,200 + freight to your player Our Level-1 mod installs: -Power Supply: 9 Ultra-fast, soft recovery Hexfred (International Rectifier) and Fred (Vishay-Telefunken) diodes

CD-T1000SEThe new Shanling CD-T1000SE replaces the original CD-T100 that introduced Shanling to the public. Its beautiful cosmetics are similar to the new CD-T1000SE that we have here. The new machine is an upgrade and offers current state-of-the-art parts over the older design. Sonics are considerably better.

SCDT-200SCDT-200 We no longer modify the SCD-T200.

CD-3000 The Shanling CD-3000 was a well built tube CD player in its stock form. It was a very good deal at its $1595 retail price. If made in the US by one of the "big boys", it would easily sell in the $3000+ price range.

PCD-3000A The new Shanling PCD-3000A is a very nice compact CD player with headphone amplifier. It also has a nice headphone amp. We love the compact size as well as the fact that it offers remote volume control to run directly into an amp. Sonics are good for its $500 retail price.

STP-80I am glad to introduce our Level-1 mod for the Shanling STP-80 integrated tube amplifier. The modification was designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers. The STP-80 is a beautiful 35 wpc remote controlled integrated amplifier. The modified Shanling STP-80 is a major upgrade from the stock unit and gets you 70% of the performance of our Level-2 mod at a fraction of the cost.
SP80SP80 Level-1 mod - $1990 retro-fit Our Level-1 mod dramatically upgrades the sonics of the SP-80 mamplifiers. Reviews have been excellent.

MC-30.jpg The Shanling MC-30 received a superb review in Stereophile. They felt it was a wonderful music system at its $1000 price. Stereophile's Art Dudley said: "Overall, and virtually regardless of source, the MC-30 had very good musical timing and tunefulness, with a surprisingly good sense of scale and spatial detail with stereo recordings...

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