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Ground Zero
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Ground Zero is our inexpensive new baby Deep=Core. We wanted to deliver Deep=Core peformance at a much lower cost for smaller and less expensive systems. Ground Zero is the answer. It is a 600 watt device that plugs into your wall outlet and give you the DC scrubbing and RFI removal like the Deep=Core. It also has our unique Contour Control, to match the AC power coming into your house to your equipment's power supplies. It even has common mode EMI filtering.
Ground Zero has a 3-year factory warranty

Tone Audio said:
"Seriously, in less time than it will take you to hook up a scope, you’ll be able to hear what the Ground Zero does. If you need more current capacity, Core Power’s Deep Core 1800 may be the droid you need, but if you’re current and device requirements are minimal, the Ground Zero will get you sorted."

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The photos below are from actual measurements before and after Ground Zero in a house outside of Chicago.