Bel Canto Design

In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for the Bel Canto Design DAC-3, e.One Reference 1000 monos and e.One S-300.

Bel Canto DAC-3The Bel Canto DAC-3 is a superb DAC and, in our opinion, was the best DAC made at $2,500 when available. It featured their new Ultra clock which, according to Bel Canto, was the lowest jitter clock made. It is both single-ended and balanced. It also has a USB input to allow it to run downloaded software right off your computer.

The Bel Canto Reference 1000 The Bel Canto Reference 1000 mono amps have received superb reviews. They are 500 watt monos that produce 1000 watts into 4 ohms. Our Level 1 & 2 modifications take these excellent amps and turn them into world-class performers, able to compete with anything made under $10k.

e.One S-300 The stock e.One S-300 is a fully balanced dual mono 150wpc power amplifier. It is very stable and puts out 300 watts into a 4-ohm load. Reviews on the stock amp have been excellent. The S-300 replaces the EVo 2 MKII that was Class A rated in Stereophile. It is quieter, more dynamic and more detailed while at the same time being even less colored.

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