Modification Bios

Our chosen modification partners are Chris Johnson of Parts ConneXion for most of our modifications. Chris is Sonic Frontiers' founder and ex-president and worked with us extensively during the merger/acquisitions phase when Paradigm absorbed Sonic Frontiers and then refocused on Anthem as a Home-Theater line. We helped Chris sell off the remaining High-End tube product inventories and were very impressed by his professionalism, know-how and customer service.

The Parts ConneXion is Canada's premiere DIY supplier and modification house with a huge catalogue of audiophile-grade parts, a service department specializing in Assemblage/Sonic Frontiers support and a large variety of custom modification projects involving CD players, DACs, preamps and power amps. For Underwood HiFi, Chris Johnson has designed exclusive upgrade packages for Peachtree Audio, Bel Canto, Audio Space, Marantz, PS Audio, Jolida, Music Hall, Denon, Outlaw Audio, Quad and Shanling products.

We also do a few mods with the team at Wyred 4 Sound when EJ and Rick do a great job on our Sonos mod and a PS DAC mod

Underwood HiFi, by associating with these acknowledged experts, is committed to providing you with the very best performance and a 100% warranty back-up when performing the work pre- or post purchase. Because we offer these performance upgrades pre-installed in many brand-new, factory-sealed units, you save money over having us install them at a later time and shipping the unit back to us then. While the end results will be the same, we recommend taking advantage of our unique and exclusive partnership arrangements whereby we can offer this upgrades with new units and incorporate an attractive discount for the modification package.
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