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Peachtree Audio
Amp 500-Save $500.00

500 watts RMS per channel has never looked or sounded this good!
                Drive ANY speaker with ease and headroom to spare
650 watts at 4 ohms and 2 ohms stable
Available in black or Ebony Mocha lacquer
                Exceptionally low noise floor compared to MUCH less powerful amps
                Balanced and unbalanced inputs with differential audio circuits
                Based on the same amplifier technology used in the flagship nova500
                Aluminum front panel and chassis wrapped in a real wood cabinet

List $2000.00
Sale $1499.00 delivered
Free $400.00 6 foot Core Power cord with purchase

Wyred 4 Sound  
integrated amp sale 

The STI-v2 series features a reference quality analog pre-amp, very simialr to the separate STP/SE preamp, and two mono power amps built into one chassis, creating exceptional performance in a convenient form factor. 
The new STI-v2 models feature all-new ICE modules for this series, borrowed from our very successful and award-winning ST mkII series. These amps feature 
  • Home Theater bypass (customizable for any input, also DC Trigger input selected)
  • RCA pre-out gives you the flexibility to bi-amp or add a subwoofer.
  • Balance control
  • Absolute phase control (0°/180°) 
    Differential, fully-balanced
    Unbalanced to Balanced conversion (when RCA inputs are selected)

    4 sets of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) inputs
    • 1 set of gold plated unbalanced (RCA) outputs
    • 1 set of Neutrik Balanced (XLR) inputs
    • 5 year factory warranty
  •  The STI-500V2 is 250 watts/ch @ 8 ohms
460 watts @ 4 ohms
Supeb preamp 
List $2500.00
Sale $1,999.00 
The STI-1000V2 is 500 watts/ch @ 8 ohms
775 watts @ 4 ohms
Superb preamp 
List $3000.00
Sale $2,499.00

Spread Spectrum Blue Deals 
Spread Spectum is closing out the  
Blue AMPZILLA and AMBROSIA preamps  
 World Class products at an Underwood price   
Ampzilla 2000 mono amplifiers 
single amp-Price is for 2
Ampzilla 2000 is a 300 watt mono amp that is stable into 1 ohm loads. Reviews have been superb 
In the The Absolute Sound product of the year review they said:
"The combo (of amps and preamp) is far from inexpensive though that figure does include two excellent phono preamps and a headphone amplifier. Reflect too, that there are competing electronics exceeding $100,000 that give you far less of everything."
The entire circuit is fully balanced from input to output and includes a unique new unbalanced-to-balanced converter for single-ended inputs. 
  • 8Ω: Minimum 300 watts, 20Hz-20kHz
  • 4Ω: Minimum 540 watts, 20Hz-20kHz
THD and IM Distortion: 4-16Ω less than .05% @ any power level up to rated at any frequency or combination of frequencies between 20Hz-20kHz  
List price $10,200.00
Sale $4,999.00/Pr in blue 
Ambrosia preamp  
Superb preamp with or without phono stages   
This fully-balanced preamp features giant power supplies, an optional MM/MC phono stage, headphone amplifier, tone and balance controls and an ingenious remote control. Some recent improvements include redesigned internals for improved stability, lower noise and a new home theater bypass function.  
 Check our website below for the full story and this amazing preamp and mono amps 
List $8500.00 (without phono stages) 
Sale $3999.00 in blue
With MM & MC phono stages
List price $10,000.00
Sale $4999.00 in blue
Both preamp and amps are also on sale in black-Call for pricing 

Emerald Physics  
Limited Edition KC II Pro Carbon
Only 10 pair made
Save $2200.00
Amazing sound for this price