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In design for more than a year, Underwood Hifi has decided to begin to import their own cables under the Core Power Tech AV brand. Designed by some of the best Engineers in the world – these cables like all Underwood owned products represent unparalleled value at prices that bring sanity to the cable segment.

Here is a dealers feedback who bought our power Diamond and Diamond Xtreme power cords:
Walter, I have been in this hobby since 1970 and a
dealer for certain products since the late 1990's. I have had many different power cords with great results, but I never thought I could get the performance that are offered by your cords at the prices you offer. I feel they are equal to cords costing at least 5 or more times. I have not had the opportunity to try all that is out there and could not afford some even at dealer pricing. I have done preliminary listening with all of your cords in my system and I am utterly amazed. I do not know how you do it, but I am a believer. At this point I do not need to go to any other cords. Cannot wait to hear what the Equi=Core and Deep=Core will offer. I will talk to my customers and local audio friends.