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Underwood is now selling a wide variety of headphones

The headphone market is exploding. With speaker pricing getting out of control today's audiophiles can put together a very high quality personal system for under $1000.00. These systems rival conventional speaker systems selling for 10-20 times their cost.
LSA HP-2 Ultra. The first horn loaded headphone
LSA - Three state of the art phones on their respective price ranges set a new performance to price standard
Raal- Open baffle phones are amazing- They maske all other phones sound boxy
Dan Clark- High value planar phones with great reviews from $899

Focal- The Elear and Utopia are setting performance standards at their $999, $1499 and $3999.00 prices
HifiMan- Planar and standard phones-7 models to choose from from $99.00-$5999.00
Quad- Excellent hi-value planar headphones getting great press

                                                                 Focal Elear headphones

Headphone amps-

LSA- Two high value internet models
SPL-Very high quality German designs
Quad tube headphone amps. The PA One + is a killer amp with DAC at only $1299.00

Musical Fidelity offer great sounding HP amps that are priced right
Music Hall- One high value model with tubes that is also a preamplifier under $400.00
Project- $249.00 and up amps that offer great value with hi quality


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