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LSA will be introducing a full line of 12 products over the next year.
1) 200wpc GAN power amplifier (to begin shipping by the end of June 2021 with larger quantities to follow) The first amps are approved and now we will make them
Retail $3,000.00
2) Our
Discovery Warp One. This is a 150 watts/channel stereo amp (250 @ 4 ohms) may be inexpensive at only $1499.00 but is designed to be the class leader. It replaces our Emerald Physics EP100.2SE and is a big sonic upgrade. Expected to ship in Early thru late May, 2021
3) Full function solid state balanced preamp w/ Class A discrete phono stage, 5wpc Class A discrete headphone amp & upgradable DAC Projected retail is $3,000.00. Shipping by October 2021.
Discovery DPH-1 Tube/solid state based remote controlled preamp/DAC with headphone amplifier Retail $999.00 (Now Shipping)
5) 200wpc GAN Integrated amp with DAC, phono stage & headphone amp (Hopefully shipping by the end of October 2021)
Projected retail is $2,500.00
6) State of the art GAN based 400wpc integrated amp with upgradable DAC, superb headphone amp & phone stage-ETA of Early 2022
7) A high value high peformance turntable, the T3
now shipping. (See info on the LSA turntable page) An under $1000.00 ultra hi value turntableT2, also now shipping. New T1 intro table with $200.00 Sumiko cartridge at $699.00 due by late May to early June
8) A line of headphones, the planar HP-1, HP-2 Ultra horn loaded dynamic phone and dynamic HP-3 Nova, all now shipping. The new planar HP-Diamond is amazing and will start shipping at $1999.00 in moid June in very limited quantities.
9) A super quiet
$1299.00 2 box phono stage designed to compete with products under $2500.00. It will include our $399.00 balanced power conditioner built in. Due in July 2021.
Rendering of phono stage
10) Discovery Hyperdrive 5- A 5 watts per channel class A hybrid headphone amp/preamp combination. It uses a tube front end with solid state output stage. Both balanced and 6.3mm headphone jacks. Expected ship date is June 2021  at $1295.00
11) Discovery Hyperdrive 2- A 2 watts per channel class A hybrid headphone amp/preamp combination. It uses a tube front end with solid state output stage. 6.3mm headphone jacks. The preamp is exceptional. Approximate size is 8" wide x 3.75" high x 8" deep
Expected ship date is August 2021 at $795.00


Final rendering of Hyperdrive 2
See a rear rendering on the LSA headphone page

DPH-1 preamplifier/DAC/headphone amp

Intro sale $799.00
Now shipping

In the new Stereotimes review they sum with:
"The Discovery LSA DPH-1 Digital preamp/DAC/Headphone amplifier is an elegant unit. It was mad fun to listen to as a headphone amplifier and use it as a digital preamp with my amps and speakers. Its DAC section sounds fantastic for the DPH-1's price – and this is coming from a guy who owns and uses a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC daily as his main go-to preamplifier with DAC."
Read the entire review at:

In the first review in Tone audio they said:
"Add it all up and LSAs DPH-1 is a fantastic DAC/Headphone amp. If I didn’t spin records, I could easily live with it as my main two-channel preamp and build a great system around it featuring speakers. It ticks all the boxes – easy to use, reasonable price, and sounds fantastic. What else do you need?"

Discovery is our inexpensive line. It is designed for audiophiles on a budget to discover great sound at affordable Internet Direct pricing with no dealer profits. The DPH-1 is our Discovery line DAC with preamp and quality headphone amplifier. It can be used as an excellent DAC or as a preamp/DAC. It may be inexpensive but is competes at well above its cost. It is a hi value remote controlled digital preamplifier with 24 bit/192k DSD DAC and quality headphone amplifier. We use the exceptional AKM 4495 DAC that is sonically one of our favorites. It uses an AKM AK-4118 digital input receiver. It has both tube and solid state single ended outputs. It features 4 digital inputs. The volumne control is a rotary encoder as found in much more expensive products. If turned all the way up it acts as a DAC if run into your preamp or integrated amp. It can even be run as both a tube and solid state DAC by using two sets of interconnects and running into two inputs of your preamp. The tube buffer stage is based on an NOS General Electric 5670 tube. This is the type of high value product that Discovery is all about.  It uses an R-core power supply, audiophile grade caps from WIMA of Germany, Solen from France and Dale resistors from the USA as well as gold plated connectors. There is separate power supply rectification for the analog and digital circuitry The included remote control handles input select, volume up and down and mute.
Preliminary Data for Discovery DPH-1
Tube:                                      NOS GE5670 tube
Digital Audio Inputs:            (1) coaxial, (1) optical, (1) USB and (1) BNC input.
Stereo Audio Outputs:         2 analog stereo outputs via RCA  (Solid State and Tube Output)
Headphone Amplifier Output Power:   500mW X 2 ( 32 ohm) / 250mW X 2 ( 300 ohm) / 100mW X 2 ( 600 ohm)
Sampling Frequency:           32kHz - 44.1kHz - 48kHz - 88.2kHz - 96kHz -192kHz-DSD 64/128
Resolution:                           16, 20 and 24 bit input
Input Impedance:                 75 ohms
Line Output Impedance:      600-ohm Output
Voltage:                                 2000mV
Dynamic Range:                   120dB
Frequency Response:         20Hz-30KHz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio:         Normal Output: 110dB; Tube Output: 90dB
Total Harmonic Distortion: Solid State Output:  0.001%.  Tube .1%
Weight:                                 14 pounds / 18 pounds packed
Size:                                      14"w x 10"d x 4"h  Ship size: is 18"w x 12"d x 7"h
Warranty:                              Two years with 6 months on tube


Rear shot showing 4 digital inputs and 2 RCA analog out, one solid state and one tube

Discovery Warp One
150 watts per channel stereo power amplifier

Intro price is $999.00

Our new Discovery Warp One 150wpc stereo amp will be the sonic class leader at its price point. It outputs 250 watts at 4 ohms. Is is 2 ohm stable as well. It is the perfect mate to our DPH-1 preamp/DAC above.
The Design is finished and we expect to ship in mid May 2021.

THD+N @ 1kHz at 50W
  • < 0.0027% into 10 Ohms
  • < 0.0057% into 5 Ohms
  • 14" wide x 10" deep x 3" high
  • MAXIMUM AUDIO OUTPUT CURRENT:  17 A peak, per channel, both channels driven
  • Low-Gain = 2.7 Vrms, Gain = 22 dB
  • Mid-Gain = 1.4 Vms, Gain = 28 dB
  • High-Gain = 0.55 Vrms, Gain = 36 dB
  • Gains Selectable via DIP Internal Dip Switches on Input Buffer
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 25 k Ohms (Single Ended or Balanced Inputs)
                    PROTECTION CIRCUITS                      
  • Fully Electronic, No Relays
  • Mute Sequencing
  • Distortion Detection (Clip Warning)
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Temperature Detection and Protection
  • SOA Detection (Output device safe operating area)
  • PSU Fault Protection
  • 27.0 Vrms into 10 Ohms < 0.0052 % THD+N
  • 27.0 Vrms into 5 Ohms < 0.0056 % THD+N
  • 22.4 Vrms into 10 Ohms < 0.0038% THD+N
  • 22.4 Vrms into 5 Ohms < 0.0064 % THD+N
  • 15.8 Vrms into 10 Ohms < 0.0048% THD+N
  • 15.8 Vrms into 5 Ohms < 0.0057 % THD+N
  • 11.2 Vrms into 10 Ohms < 0.0058 % THD+N
  • 11.2 Vrms into 5 Ohms < 0.0059 % THD+N
Rated output relative to output noise, inputs shorted:
115 dB
Output noise voltage, inputs shorted:  -119dBV, 1.1 uVrms

Voyager GAN 200 Balanced Power Amplifier

Our new LSA 200 watts/ch power amplifier, Voyager GAN 200, will ship by the end of June 2021. This fully balanced amplifier is a breakthrough product featuring a GAN (Gallium Nitride) FET Output Power Stage as found in products selling for many times our $3,000.00 price. The current competition sells for $32,000.00, $18,500.00, $15,000.00 and $7500.00 with 80 watts. Our GAN Output Power Stage provides even better Audio performance through the reduced THD+N and IMD that is only afforded by the newest in eGaN FET Output Device technology.  Both of these enhancements are prohibitive with the legacy Silicon FET technology due to both the inherent limitations of the processes, and the resulting sacrifices in the desired efficiency of the system solutions.  These better efficiencies allow for increased Audio bandwidth without the “out-of-band” noise that is typical of legacy Class D amplifiers. These performance differences, along with an even better EMI/EMC profile are the result of the ‘almost ideal’ switching waveform that is achievable with this new eGaN FET technology.  The much faster switching times, the lack of ‘overshoots’ and ‘ringing’, along with the much reduced “Dead-Band” timing of the eGaN FET Output Stage allows for unmatched linearity across the entire Modulation range.  With the significant reduction in “ON” resistance and Gate capacitance of the eGaN FET, our amplifiers provide unmatched “Open-Loop” Output Impedance and THD/IMD, resulting in the need for very low feedback – further reducing any issues caused by complex Output Speaker loads and Back-EMF from the transducers.  This means you get a greater depth of field, blacker blacks and greater transparency than standard ICE or Hypex Class D type amps.


This technology fixes all the issues that Class D amps have historically displayed.
Get up to $1000.00 or more in trade for any working amp towards this new technology.
Call us to discuss this superb new amp at 770-667-5633

Here is some info on the amp:
• 200W per Channel into 8 ohms
• 400W per Channel into 4 ohms
• Sensitivity: Two volts input for 200 watts out
• > 108dB SNR and Dynamic Range
• < 0.01% THD+N (8ohms, 200W, 20Hz to 20kHz)
• Distortion open loop with no feedback < 0.08% THD+N (8 ohms, 200W, 20Hz to 20kHz)
• Frequency Response (8Ω) 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB/ 20-40KHZ at -3Db
• Direct coupled with no output caps

96% Efficiency Reduces Heat and System Size
• Integrated, non-intrusive over-current, short-circuit and over-voltage protection
• Size: 17" wide x 3.5" high x 14" deep
Weight: 30 pounds
Specs are preliminary and subject to change