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Voyager GAN 200 power amplifier $2500.00

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                                     New LSA models are now shipping from our North Carolina warehouse.

Underwood Hifi has purchased LSA. We are selling LSA exclusively factory direct. This allows us to dramatically lower the selling prices of our excellent speakers.
In the September 2019 LSA-10 Statement review Audio Bacon summed up with:

"I was thoroughly impressed with the LSA-10 Signature at AXPONA 2019. But I’m absolutely blown away by the LSA-10 Statement. Especially in combination with the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core and Emerald Physics 100.2 SE power amplifier.

This system was made to compete with others over three times its price – and yeah…I’m inclined to agree. It punches way above its weight. It’s an absolute steal, even at its retail price. Which is made possible via factory direct pricing. I believe it is the hottest deal in HiFi today."

End Game?

"Now I don’t say this lightly: I’m positive the LSA-10 Statement or LSA-10 Signature may be an end-game bookshelf speaker for many. It epitomizes what we as audiophiles are constantly seeking. A speaker that is dynamic, has fine tonal quality – and is faithful to the nuances and harmonics of the art. The word “truth” was recurring in my notes."

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2019 Axpona show award as one of the best sounds at the show on the LSA speaker introduction

The LSA speakers are amazingly good values at the new Direct prices. The original line received superb reviews. The new 2019 line is a dramatic upgrade with all custom drivers, upgraded cabinets and better crossovers.

The new 2019 line uses the patented XBL2 drivers. These drivers allow for more linearity and lower distortion at all levels. The new products were designed to compete with high end speakers that sell for 3 times their price thru retail dealers. They offer serious value at our Internet Direct pricing. The original line had Standard, Signature and Statement models. This new line has only Signature and Statement versions. The Signatures are a step up over the original Statement versions and the Statements offer untouched performance & value at our selling prices. Target models were 2-3 times our prices.

The LSA-1 Statement was named one of the 10 best under $3000.00 speakers by The Absolute Sound in 2016. It was an 
Editors Choice at $2800.00 retail in the 2015 The Absolute Sound. The new LSA-10 Statement goes 12Hz lower uses all custom LSA drivers, an 8th order crossover with exceptional parts, a rear mounted auxiliary bass radiator and much upgraded lacquer finish. It is better from bass to treble. The LSA-10 Statement is like listening to a floor standing speaker that just happens to be in a small box.

The Signature version will offer amazing value with the same custom black anodized aluminum 6.5” woofer, a new 1” silk dome tweeter and the same single 5” x 7” sub bass radiator (mounted on the rear). Bass will also go to 38Hz and set a new standard at our selling price.

The LSA10 Statement and LSA-20 Statements will have a beautiful upgraded Rosewood lacquer gloss finish.

Actual LSA-10 Statement photo