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Vera-Fi Audio.offers unique, innovative, and leading edge products for the very best in SOUND QUALITY with great pricing & the value Underwood looks for using state of the art design and manufacturing technologies. 
Their agile and forward-thinking design and management team has over 110 years of combined experience in the audio, electrical, and aerospace engineering fields.
Their products offer superior value products and great , might I say absurd prices. The Caldera 10 subwoofer and Scout monitors are their first 2 products. The Scout monitor, at $299.00 a pair, is a superb value. It is a real rosewood 2 way monitor with 5.25" woofer and soft dome tweeter. Initial press and customer feedback has been exceptional. There is also a new Virtual Black Hole isolation device that is a steal at only $199.00 for a 4 unit set. Great for speakers, amps, preamp or DAC's. A 12" 600 watt Rosewood Caldera sub is due next around the end of February at only $399.00. These will be followed by a 40wpc Pure Class A power amplifier and stereo preamplifier. See the renderings of the amp and preamp below. XSA products come with a 30 day trial with 20% restocking fee.

Vanguard Caldera 10" subwoofer

Intro price $199.00 + $35.00 flat rate freight to the lower 48 states.
Going to $249.00

Here is the first review from Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback:
"Sequence of events: REL subwoofer dies, resulting in worst day of the week. Vanguard Caldera shows up, and on day one, can things possibly get any worse? Day five following Caldera's arrival: Best day of the year!"
"I never, never dreamed in a million years that the Vanguard Caldera is literally the giant killer that it is;"
"And as great as a single Caldera has been for me, getting two of them makes such perfect sense, both from a financial and audiophile standpoint. Running dual subs will definitely help smooth out any in-room bass anomalies, and would lead to a significant uptick in system performance. At $199 for a single Caldera, your decision is a no-brainer; getting two of them at $199 each makes your decision completely idiot-proof."

"The Good: Seriously? Re-read this review! They say there's no free lunch in high-end audio, but with the Vanguard Caldera, you get an appetizer, lunch, dessert, and a craft beer. All for $199—it doesn't get any better!"

"How is it that Mark Schifter and Vera-Fi are able to manufacture and sell the Vanguard Caldera for $199? I'm beyond baffled, as the sub it's replacing (yes—it's definitely a keeper!) sold new 12 years ago for $1k, and would probably sell for close to twice that today. I'm blown away—yet again—by another of Mark's products: both Mark and his collaborator Viet Nguyen are definitely on their A-game. Well done! The Vanguard Caldera subwoofer comes very highly recommended!"

Read the entire review:

35 pounds
16" H x 13" W x 15" D
Class A/B amp rated to output 200 watts into 4 ohms

-3 dB down point at 30Hz and a -6 dB downpoint at 27Hz;
More Specs coming shortly
Scout speakers

$299.00 a pair + $26.00 flat rate freight in the lower 48 states
Shipping Now

Beautiful rosewood monitor speakers offer superb value. This is the class in the under $500.00 price range.

The Scout uses a 5.25" paper cone woofer with a 1" soft dome tweeter. The crossover is exceptional for a speaker on this price range. It is all housed in a beautiful real Rosewood enclosure.

The first review in Tone Audio was a rave. They said:

"Thanks to modern drivers, the Scouts seem very robust, and they possess a lot of the soul that this great American mini speaker (Spica TC-50) produced. A tremendous midrange, smooth highs, and mid bass accuracy instead of muddy mid bass, compromised to goose the low end. It’s hard to believe these are only $299/pair. Back when gasoline was $6/gallon, it cost more than this to fill up a Dodge RAM truck! Going further back, the Spica TC-50s were $450/pair."

"The Vera-Fi Vanguard Scout speakers are a true triumph for music lovers on a tight budget."

Read the entire review here:

VBH-1 Vibration Black hole
$199.00 for set of 4


Read the initial Stereotimes review where they sum with:
To quote Mr. Schifter, “Real Deal Science at a humane price,” he’s spot on with that description.
Frankly, I didn’t expect quite this level of vibration reduction and isolation from such a cost-effective product. Vera-Fi Audio LLC’s VBH-1 Vibration Reduction Feet is an “easy lift” for even the most frugal audiophile to use under single or multiple components. Color me impressed!

Read the entire review here:

Positive Feedback said:

"Most isolation devices are designed to reduce vibrations to the affected equipment; reducing those vibrations improves your music playback by increasing microdynamics and reducing temporal smear. Prior to about five years ago, I'd never given much thought to vibration effects on audio equipment that simply sits on a rack. With the exception of turntables, which can obviously benefit from some type of vibrational damping. However, I've long since seen the light, and have reached the realization that all equipment can benefit from vibration control, regardless of how insignificant that piece of equipment might outwardly seem."

"The Vibration Black Hole isolators, plainly and simply, accomplish what they're designed to do, period. The careful lengths I'd previously gone to by reducing vibrations to my turntables seems to have vanquished those effects from my LP playback—which even without any vibration protection underneath the Stellar phono preamp was probably "good enough" in my opinion. The arrival of the VBH-1 devices proved to me how very wrong I was—good enough often isn't very good, after all! I've already scoped out the next area for improvement in the analog room: my PrimaLuna tube amplifier simply sits on its Target amp stand. Yeah, it weighs 80 lbs, but those delicate bottles would very likely benefit from some VBH-1-type vibration control!"

Vera-Fi's VBH-1 devices are elegantly stylish in appearance, will complement any high-end audio system with their excellent performance, and get you even closer to the music. All of Mark Schifter and Vera-Fi's products are based on an exceptional level of science; they're designed to cut through all the crap between you and your music, and isn't that what it's really all about? The VBH-1 isolators work as well—or better—than the more utilitarian-looking, viscous layered damped isolation devices from other manufacturers. And I can't emphasize how much of a bargain the VBH-1 isolators are—they retail for less than half the current price of similar designs. Once again, well done Mark! The VBH-1 Vibration Black Hole Isolation Feet come very highly recommended!

Read the entire review here:
The Vibration Black Hole (VBH) isolation feet provides mechanical vibration attenuation and isolation using a novel two-stage constrained viscous layer damping (CVLD) technique whereby a compliant and viscous polymeric medium is placed in between two hard surfaces, thereby providing a mechanical impedance mismatch that dissipates the energy from mechanical motions/vibrations through the mechanical shear and compression of the viscous layer. By use of dissimilar materials (nylon/stainless steel/viscous polymer/silicone rubber) in multiple stages, the VBH provides an exceptional level of extra mechanical dampening between two components needing mechanical isolation.  The VBH is ideal for mechanically isolating sensitive audio gear such as turntables, tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, and buzzing power supplies in large linear amplifiers. They are also very useful for isolating speakers from hard floors or tables to provide an improved soundstage and bass clarity. Each VBH consists of a precision machined stainless steel body and stainless steel inner core and a machined nylon piston-like conical contact pad. In between each of these components is the unique CVLD dampening compound. The device being isolated mounts on the included machined aluminum spike feet which mate to the nylon conical contact pads to provide the first stage of isolation. This stage is then in contact with the main external base through a second CVLD pad. The second stage of CVLD has an external backup silicone o-ring bumper to prevent bottoming out under heavy load and itself also acts as a CVLD under heavy loads. 

Audio Pursuit said:

"At just $199 for a set of four, the VBH-1's provide a tremendous value per dollar compared to other aftermarket solutions. The VBH-1's are a valued and permanent addition to my audio system!"

Read the entire mini review here:

Each VBH can support up to 30 lbs so a speaker with four VBH can weigh as much as 120 lbs. The VBH has been tested with an instrumented turntable plinth and special instrumented and calibrated test hammer and has shown a significant reduction in the transmitted mechanical shock and reduction in transmitted mechanical energy.