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We are glad to be selling the HifiMan line of headphones and headphone amplifiers. HifiMan phones and amps have received superb reviews worldwide and offer state of the art performance at very reasonable cost. Below are a few of our best sellers. All models are available

HE-1000 SE
Class A rated Stereophile 2019

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In the Innerfidelity review they said:
"The HE1000se is a convincing witness to the recorded event for those looking to crown their heads with nothing less than the best which can be had."

"At $3,499 USD it is priced firmly in the uppermost echelon of headphones and while obviously a serious financial investment, I feel it is worth the price of entry that this level of sonic reproduction commands. It absolutely challenges my reference $3,995 USD Audeze LCD-4z planar-magnetic, over ear monitors for sonic supremacy in all categories of reproduction. While I would be hard pressed to say one is better than the other, each headphone offers a differing take timbrally, tonally and spatially of music that challenges the listener with every song played to not lose oneself in the presented aural experience. These are both transportative pieces of analog technology that have few peers, but the HE1000se does stand apart in its design, sonic/technical/build achievements and because of its weight/headband structure, in its ability to stay longer over my ears than any other design at this price/performance point."

Highly Recommended.

Read the entire review at: https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/hifiman-he1000se-headphone-review

Quite possibly the best headphones made, the new HE-1000 will ship this summer. It incorporates huge planar-magnetic drivers with super-thin "nanometer" diaphragms. This diaphragm is quite large, and the magnetic structure is unusual, two-sided, but asymmetrical. First impressions from reviewers has been superb. These things look to be state of the art and as good as they get in today's heasdphone market. More to come as the phones are released.

Arya Stealth
New price $1299.00 delivered

State of the Art performance in a moderate efficiency phone with new Stealth magnets

Impedance : 32Ω
Sensitivity : 94db
Frequency Response : 8Hz-65kHz
Weight : 404g (14.3oz)



The new HE-R9 (SRP: $599) features high sensitivity characteristics thanks to HIFIMAN’s use of rare earth magnets and the company’s classic Topology Diaphragm for detailed high frequency response to 35Hz. By applying nano scale particles to the diaphragm in a variety of patterns and layers, a high-level optimization occurs, having a positive effect on the audio characteristics.

They originally introduced the Topology Diaphragm in a dynamic closed-back design last year in our reference R10D dynamic driver headphone. This latest version applies a similar design in a headphone that comes in at a lower price point, but with sonic attributes that are nearly comparable to its older sibling.”

The HE-R9 is designed for extended listening sessions. The head band features high-grade memory foam for maximum comfort and elasticity. The head band skeleton is made of steel that is lightweight and strong. On the outside, real leather gives the R9 a soft and elegant appearance. Newly designed earcups are large for substantial volume and exceptional overall acoustics.

For compatibility with the highest range of sources, the HE-R9’s socket accommodates both dual-sided 3.5mm and single-sided balanced cables. The addition of HIFIMAN’s Bluemini R2R dongle* turns the R9 into a high-resolution wireless headphone. It will be $149.00 when available

Frequency response is measured at 15Hz – 35kHz.
Sensitivity is 100dB 
Impedance is 32 ohms.


$999.00 /
Sale $699.00

State of the Art performance in a high efficiency phone

Replacing the Edition X at a lower cost with better performance. With new Ultra lightweight ultrafine planar drivers the Ananda offers superb sonics with easy to drive high efficiency. The new Window Shade grill reduces reflections for great clarity.


Frequency Response:  8Hz – 55kHz
​​Sensitivity: 103dB
​​Impedance: 25±3Ω
​​Weight: 14.07 Oz

Ananda BT
The best Bluetooth headphones

Sale $999.00


Frequency Response : 8Hz-55kHz
Sensitivity : 103dB
Impedance : 35 Ohms
Weight : 460g (495g, including the microphone and cable)
Full Charging Time : 2.7 Hours
Playtime : 10 Hours


Class A rated Stereophile 2019

Industry Standard world class phones with great reviews

Nonometer thin drivers

Frequency Response : 6Hz-75kHz
Impedance : 60Ω
Sensitivity : 83dB
Weight : 450g (15.9oz)


SALE $349.00 delivered

The Sundara is HfiMan's least expensive planar headphone

What makes Sundare special is:

  1. It is 94DB efficient so it can be driven by virtually anything including an iPod.
  2. It has the familiar HiFiMAN sonic signature which means it is very detailed yet warm
  3. It is only $499.00. It is priced so low because Hifiman finally figured out a way to mass produce a hi-end planar driver headphone at a lower price than ever before.
HIFIMAN Sundara is a full-size planar magnetic headphone intended for high performance listening in the home or studio.
The Sundara has received great reviews and offers superb sonic performance for the money It is only $499 

Frequency response: 6Hz – 75KHz
Sensitivity: 94dB
Impedance: 37 Ohms
Weight: 372g