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LSA is now offering our own headphones. These 3 phones are sourced from Kennerton in Russia and offer outstanding value. We sell them at Internet Direct at prices considerably lower than a retailer ever could. The value is tremendous.
We take all orders over the phone at 770-667-5633.
We can also send you a PayPal invoice once we talk.


The HP-1 was just named Product of the Year in


See the spectacular HP-2 review at:

Here are two of our favorite quotes from the review:
"It is one of the best headphones I have heard at any price."
"It is just outrageously good in my opinion"

Here is an HP-1 video comparison with the $3000.00 Meze Empryean's
LSA HP-1  Retail thru Dealers $2,800.00
LSA HP-2 Ultra   List $1,350.00   Our Internet Direct price: $799.00 delivered to anywhere in the world
LSA HP-3 Nova  Retail thru Dealers $800.00  

Our Internet Direct price: $599.00 delivered anywhere in the world