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85wpc remote controlled integrated amp with quality DAC, phono stage & 5 analog inputs

  1. 85 watt/channel integrated amp
  2. MM phono pre-amp
  3. 3 digital inputs (USB, toslink, coax)
  4. 24bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC
  5. Bluetooth connectivity
  6. Stout chassis with rigid aluminum faceplate
  7. 5 analog inputs
  8. Remote control
  9. Pre-amp out
  10. Easy to set-up and use
  11. System remote also controls the cdac15.3
  12. Available in black only

Other Music Hall models

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  • C-DAC-15.3 Replacement CD player for the 15.2. Now w/ better sonics & 3 input DAC for only $50.00 more $549/ $950 modified
  • DAC-15.2 24bit/192k D/A converter with hi-rez 24/96 USB input $299
  • A-15.3 50wpc integrated amp with nice phono stage. Far superior to the discontinued A15.2 that got excellent reviews $549/$950 modified
  • DAC-25.3 24/192 upsampling DAC with 24/96 hi-rez USB input $599 / $1390 / $1990
  • PH-25.2 Hybrid headphone amp with tube preamplifier $399
  • MMF-1.3 High value belt drive table with phono stage and $50.00 AT cartridge $299.
  • MMF-1.5- Great looking high quality inexpensive cherry table with phono preamp & $75.00 Music Hall Cartridge $399.

"This is my new favorite turntable under $400, and Music Hall is to be commended for bringing it to the market for such a reasonable price.  If it performed just the same and said Rega or VPI on the box, it would likely cost over $1,000 and would still sell!"

"It is going to make a lot of newcomers to vinyl and those upgrading their starter turntables very, very happy."


Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, states in his mmf-1.5 review for CNET:

"...Elvis spoke to me, his phrasing and power, and his band's rockin' rhythms got my juices flowing. The mmf-1.5 brought me closer to Elvis' music, the production and sound quality, which I never noticed before."

" digs deep into the music to reveal more about the subtle elements like reverberation and the atmosphere of the session, information that's way down in the grooves."
  • MMF-2.3 Turntable with Music Hall $100.00 Tracker cartridge $499
  • MMF-2.3LE as above in Ferrari Red hi gloss finish $549
  • MMF-5.3 - Dual plinth turntable withg carbon fiber arm and $440 Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge $995.
  • MMF-5.3SE - upgraded Rosenut version of the MMF-5.3. Carbon fiber arm with $440 Ortofon 2m Bronze cartridge  $1395.
  • MMF-7.3 w/o cartridge but carbon fiber arm [$1395] - turntable with detached motor system  $1395.
  • MMF-7.3 with cartridge - as above but with $440.00 Ortofon 2m Bronze cartridge $1595.
  • MMF-9.3 with cartridge [$2395] - Triple plinth turntable with carbon fiber arm and $795 Goldring MC cartridge
  • MMF-9.3 WALNUT A beautiful wood version of the MMF-9.3 with a $795.00 Goldring Eroica LX MC cartridge-$2695.  ($2495.  without ncartridge)
  • MMF-11.1 [$4495] New top-line table with 4-plinth design, Evolution 9CC tonearm with dual motors & 3 flywheels design. Adjustable azimuth and VTA. 21.3 x 13.8 x 7.8", 39.5 lbs.