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$699.00 in black    $799.00 in walnut

music hall mmf-2.3 turntable in piano black
MMF3.3 in black

The the first Music Hall table utilizing the unique dual-plinth technology originated by music hall. The mmf-3.3 embodies the culmination of over 30 years of research, development, and most important of all, listening. The 3-speed belt driven table was developed for those seeking a perfectly matched set of features with an uncompromising focus on sound performance. The 3.3 is constructed using high quality components and comes complete with a tonearm, cartridge mounted, and dust cover.

feature list:

  • Gorgeous high-gloss piano black lacquer or exquisite walnut veneer finish
  • Music Hall’s unique dual-plinth design – isolating the electronics and motor from the main bearing and tonearm
  • 33⅓, 45, or 78 rpm speeds at the touch of a button
  • Electronic speed controlled DC motor for superior speed stability, isolated on lower plinth
  • Custom carbon fiber tonearm with alloy headshell for superb tracking ability
  • Flexible internal tonearm wire drawn from high purity copper
  • Counterweight’s center of gravity is level with the stylus tip is decoupled from the arm and acts as a resonance damper
  • Tonearm features user adjustable VTA and azimuth
  • Highly regarded Ortofon 2M Red cartridge with replaceable elliptical stylus ($100 value)
  • The cartridge supplied is properly aligned and mounted
  • High precision stainless steel and bronze main bearing assembly for quiet fluid operation
  • Special vibration damping adjustable feet
  • High quality gold RCA connectors with detachable phono cable
  • Full-size alloy platter and felt mat
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Dust cover and 45 rpm adaptor included
MMF3.3 in walnut
MMF-9.3 in Walnut
$2899.00 in black $2999.00 with $795.00 Goldring MC cartridge/$2699.00 without cartridge
$2999 in walnut with $795.00 Goldring cartridge/$279.00 without cartridge


MMF-9.3 WALNUT A beautiful wood version of the MMF-9.3 with a $795.00 Goldring Eroica LX MC cartridge
Music Hall 9.3 Impresses Greg Weaver

"...this accomplished table has an infectious ability to present music amazingly realistically, with dynamic swagger as well as with body and space."

"...I was eerily taken with its consistent and almost effortless ability to liberate the message in the grooves."

"...the Music Hall mmf-9.3 distinguishes itself as a top performer, one that most LP lovers will find remarkable enough to be their "forever" turntable!"
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Semi Automatic table with arm lift

Touch sensitive speed controls
Includes dust cover and $100.00 factory mounted Music Hall Spirit phono cartridge

Andrew Robinson from Home Theater Review took the semi-automatic Classic for a spin and was mightily impressed.  Excerpts below.  

How does the Classic compare to much more expensive tables?
"I did find the (technics) 1500C to be livelier and more dynamic in comparison, but it was nowhere near as full, nor did it plunge as deep as the Music Hall Classic. Conversely, the (project) X2 may have been the most refined of the three, but it sounded rather lifeless compared to the Classic..."

This says it all:
"The biggest takeaway, for me, about the Classic's performance was that I kept wanting to listen to it."  

In Summation:
you'll need to probably spend three times as much on a pre-configured table to make upgrading over the Classic truly worth it."

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  • semi-automatic (auto lift & shut off)
  • factory mounted music hall spirit cartridge included $100 value
  • aluminum platter with felt mat
  • removable head shell
  • adjustable vibration damping feet
  • dark walnut wood veneer finish
  • touch sensitive electronic speed control 33/45 rpm
  • built-in bypassable phono amp
  • unique uni-pivot tonearm design
  • accurate line for perfect counterweight position
  • dustcover
  • worldwide compatibility
Soundstage reviewer Thom Moon shared a number of insightful and musical comments while praising the performance of the Music Hall Classic.

Playing Paul Simon's “50 Ways” on the Music Hall
"I noticed the solidity of the bass line. It wasn’t overpowering or boomy, but it had a heft I haven’t heard with many other turntables."
Bill Withers inspired me to pull out one of his best performances: “Just the Two of Us,” from Grover Washington Jr.’s Winelight
"...Washington’s evocative sax (there’s a lot going on) -- sounded nigh on perfect. And so, especially, did the pacing: every note from every instrument combined
to create a beautifully coherent ensemble performance."

“Four Brothers,” from a half-speed mastering of the Manhattan Transfer’s Live
"...One thing I hadn’t noticed before but did with the Classic was that the backing vocals had a real sense of physical separation from the band and superb blend
among themselves."

"At $599 and as plug’n’play as a ’table can be, the Classic is a must-audition. It’s a delight to use, and its included Music Hall Spirit cartridge extracts maximum
information from the groove."

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Other Music Hall models

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  • C-DAC-15.3 Replacement CD player for the 15.2. Now w/ better sonics & 3 input DAC for only $50.00 more $649
  • PA 15.3MM/MC phono stage with subsonic filer and adjustable gain $249.00
  • A-15.3 50wpc integrated amp with nice phono stage. Far superior to the discontinued A15.2 that got excellent reviews $649
  • PH-25.2 Hybrid headphone amp with tube preamplifier $399
  • MMF-1.3 High value belt drive table with phono stage and $50.00 AT cartridge $349.
  • MMF-1.5- Great looking high quality inexpensive cherry table with phono preamp & $75.00 Music Hall Cartridge $449.

"This is my new favorite turntable under $400, and Music Hall is to be commended for bringing it to the market for such a reasonable price.  If it performed just the same and said Rega or VPI on the box, it would likely cost over $1,000 and would still sell!"

"It is going to make a lot of newcomers to vinyl and those upgrading their starter turntables very, very happy."


Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, states in his mmf-1.5 review for CNET:

"...Elvis spoke to me, his phrasing and power, and his band's rockin' rhythms got my juices flowing. The mmf-1.5 brought me closer to Elvis' music, the production and sound quality, which I never noticed before."

" digs deep into the music to reveal more about the subtle elements like reverberation and the atmosphere of the session, information that's way down in the grooves."
  • MMF-2.3 Turntable with Music Hall $100.00 Tracker cartridge $599
  • MMF-2.3LE as above in Ferrari Red hi gloss finish $599
  • MMF-5.3 - Dual plinth turntable withg carbon fiber arm and $236 Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge $1199.
  • MMF-5.3SE - upgraded Rosenut version of the MMF-5.3. Carbon fiber arm with $440 Ortofon 2m Bronze cartridge  $1395.
  • MMF-7.3 w/o cartridge but carbon fiber arm - turntable with detached motor system  $1595.

Stereophile Class B rated in 2019
  • MMF-7.3 with cartridge - as above but with $440.00 Ortofon 2m Bronze cartridge $1895. In Walnut $1995.00
  • MH Stealth Direct drive table with 3 speeds and auto stop with Ortofon 2M Blue $1649
  • MMF-9.3 with cartridge [$2895] - Triple plinth turntable with carbon fiber arm and $795 Goldring MC cartridge
  • MMF-9.3 WALNUT A beautiful wood version of the MMF-9.3 with a $795.00 Goldring Eroica LX MC cartridge-$2995.  ($2795.  without cartridge)
  • MMF-11.1 [$4995] New top-line table with 4-plinth design, Evolution 9CC tonearm with dual motors & 3 flywheels design. Adjustable azimuth and VTA. 21.3 x 13.8 x 7.8", 39.5 lbs.