Shanling SP80

SP80 SP80 Level-1 mod - $1990 retro-fit
Our Level-1 mod installs

  • Replacement of four critical preamp stage, dual op amps with state-of-the-art, reference grade Burr-Brown OPA627s in our custom adaptor pcbs
  • 2 sheets of Soundcoat damping internal chassis
  • replacement of the "stock" Chinese input, driver and power tubes with upgraded Russian Electro-HAamonix 6SN7 type, Philips JAN-6188 (6SL7) type and JJ/TESLA E34L power tubes (2 MP) or comparable tubes available at time of mod.
  • 10 upgraded audiophile grade capacitors are added in the power supply
  • 4 Auricap metalized polypropylene bypass capacitors are installed in the power supply
  • 16 MultiCap PPFX-S polypropylene film and tin foil coupling caps as well as MultiCap RTX polystyrene film and tin foil coupling bypass capacitors
  • 48 Japanese-made Audio Note 0.5-, 1- and 2-watt signal path Tantalum film resistors are added
  • 2' of DH-Labs 99.99% pure silver 23awg solid-core, eflon tape wrap jacketed, input wire
  • 16 IR Hexfred ultra-fast soft recover rectifying diodes
  • 2 SF4007 Vishay-Telefunken ultra-fast soft recovery diodes
  • WBT silver solder used throughout

Sonic benefits of our Level-1 mod:

  • The amps are quieter. The blacks are blacker, thus resolving more low level detail, spatial and ambient retrieval
  • They are smoother yet more detailed and dynamically more exciting
  • Tonal balance is more even.from bass to treble while fleshing out the amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine
  • Imaging is cleaner & more defined while bass is dramatically improved. The modded units have much fuller weight and authority. They transcends"one note" flabby bass. It sounds more like solid-state in this area.

We warranty the mod for 12-months on all our work.