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Elac builds high quality very high value audio products. Andrew Jones of Infinity, KEF, Pioneer and TAD has designed a series of speakers and electronics that set new standards at their prices. Starting with the original Debut series, that are now replaced by Debut 2, Andrew added UniFi and now Adante hi end products. Reviews have been off the charts on all models and dollar for dollar you will not find a better value in speakers, the Discovery Music Server, or the EA series amp with DSP and speaker room correction.

Uni-Fi monitor, floorstander and center channel
Debut is where it all started. Andrew Jones designed speakers that offered real high end performance at entry level prices. This new Debut 2 series ups the ante with improved drivers, cabinets and crossovers.   All-New Design—All-New Debut!
Carina offers simple yet striking looks and breathtaking sound. The new Carina series matches fresh visual elegance with remarkable sound to bring you what promises to be a new classic in ELACs lineup.  
The powered Navis Series are the state of the art offerings from Elac. Reviews have been fantastic and Navis is a simple internally tri-amped solution offering great sonics at high- end value pricing. With Unique technology the Navis models compete with speakers at up to double their cost. The new Navis series of powered models is simply exceptional.
Subwoofers    Elac subs are unique in that they offer high value along with control and room correction right thru your Apple or Android phone.  Debut Sub 3010 200 watt 10" subwoofer with room correction
The ELAC DS101G server, DS-C101W streaming music endpoint and EA101EQ integrated amp