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In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for the Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated, Trivista21 DAC, CD-Pre24 and A5 CD player.

I am now offering a major upgrade to the Stereophile Class B-rated Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24 to allow it to compete with many Class A-rated units as well as Level-1 and 2 mods to the A5 CD player.

A5 Integrated amp The Musical Fidelity A5 Integrated amp is a very high value 250wpc dual mono amp. It has received very good reviews and offers tremendous value at its $2500 retail price. It has a nice phono section as well as a home theater bypass. It produces over 400 watts into a 4 ohm load.

Trivista 21Trivista 21 Level-2 mod - $1190 + freight retro-fit to your DAC.

This modification installs the following: -6 x Burr-Brown OPA627 op amps (world's best for audio) assemblies for the I-V conversion, analog filter and output buffer positions -6 x upgraded power supplies caps and Telefunken high speed diodes -4 x upgraded coupling caps with TFT Teflon bypass caps -8 x Telefunken high speed soft-recover Fred-style diodes -Polystyrene caps for the analog filter stage
CD-Pre24CD-Pre24 Level-2 mod - $1,190 + freight retro-fit ($1,590 with upgraded LC Audio clock) or $2,290/2,690 for new machines while they last. This modification installs the following: -8 x oltra-fast soft recovery Vishay-Telefunken Fred diodes in the power supply -17 x Black Gate Standard, N,FK and C grade electrolytic capacitors around the coupling caps and throughout the power supply

A5CD player The Musical Fidelity A5CD player is considered by many to be the finest $2,500 CD player made. In the Absolute Sound review, they said it was the best player under $5000. The reviewer even bought the sample as reference.

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