In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for Denon universal players: DVD-3800BDCI, 5910 / 5900 / 3910 / 2910 / 2900 / 2200 / 1920

We also just added a modification to the DenonAVR-3805 and AVR-4308ci receivers. By virtue of selling consumer-direct, we can offer these super-charged, brand-new models for a better price than the same modifications

Denon 3800Our Level 2 mod for the Denon DVD-3800 BluRay player is a big upgrade from the stock model and makes this an excellent player for both hi-end audio as well as hi-end video systems. The Level-2 mod was designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers.

Denon DVD-5900 Level-1 mod - 2/3/5-channel upgrades + shipping for customer owned units are $1,200/1,700/2,500 retro-fit to your machine. Add $480 for an upgraded Superclock with dedicated custom power supply upgrade when purchased together with the Level-1 mod package

Denon 3900Denon DVD-3910 Level-1 mod is $1050 retro-fit to your machine, add $600 for center-channel, add $1,900 for channels 3-6, add $480 for Audiocom Superclock II/LC Audio upgrade when purchased together with the Level-1 mod package, add $180 for a pair of Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifiers installed in the power supply right behind the AC inlet)

Level 1

The following details our Level-1 modification [$650 + freight retrofit, $1290 + freight for new machines, add $450 for center channel - new machines + clock are $1,750 + freight]

Denon DVD-2900 Level-1 mod - $1,790 + shipping for new modified machines ($900 retro-fit to your machine, add $450 for center-channel on either new or pre-owned units, add $480 for Audiocom Superclock II/LC Audio upgrade when purchased together with the Level-1 mod package)

Our Level-1 modified DVD-2200 is a wonderful entry level multi-player for those audiophiles that want to spend less than the 2900 The Denon DVD-2200 starts life as a universal (CD Redbook/SACD/ DVD-Audio) multi-player that is an exceptional progressive scan video player and uses some of the best available digital parts (Burr Brown 1790 series) for audio. The 2200 uses the DSD-1791 DAC. The analog-stage however is a major disappoint-ment. The results are an excellent video player that's mediocre on audio.

Denon DVD-1920 The Denon DVD-1920 has progressive scan processing using the DCDi Faroudja circuitry. It also uses digital bass management. This player offers HDMI upconverting video outputs that are HDCP compatible. It will take standard DVD and output a 720P or 1080i High Def signal.

Denon 3805Our brand-new Denon AVR-3805 receiver Level 2 modification We have played with the Denon AVR-3805 receiver and believe that it is a superb value for its $1200 retail price. It outperforms all the $1500 models from the competition.
Denon 4308The Denon AVR-4308ci is an excellent A/V receiver feature laden with all the most up-to-date video features. It decodes all the new hi-rez formats and offer multiple v1.3a HDMI inputs. Our receiver mod is for the audiophile who wants a one-box solution but also the sound quality that approaches quality separate audio components.
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