Our Level-1 modified DVD-2200 is a wonderful entry level multi-player for those audiophiles that want to spend less than the 2900 The Denon DVD-2200 starts life as a universal (CD Redbook/SACD/ DVD-Audio) multi-player that is an exceptional progressive scan video player and uses some of the best available digital parts (Burr Brown 1790 series) for audio. The 2200 uses the DSD-1791 DAC. The analog-stage however is a major disappoint-ment. The results are an excellent video player that's mediocre on audio. Our Level-1 mod transforms this player on either 2 (L/R) or 3 channels (L/C/R) to a level that any audiophile would be proud to use as the centerpiece in a high quality audio system. The finished product easily outperforms any other multi player as an audio player at anywhere close to its price...

We provide a 90-day parts & labor warranty on all new modified units and on our work on after-market mods.

Denon DVD-2200 Level-1 mod - $1,250/1,595 for 2/3-channel upgrades + shipping for new modified machines ($750/1,125 retro-fit to your machine, , add $480 for Audiocom or LC-Audio Superclock with dedicated custom power supply upgrade when purchased together with the Level-1 mod package)

Unless by request, the Level-1 mod is performend on the front left/right channels (truly dedicated videophiles can add the center channel for the above 3-channel rate) to benefit 2-channel music in Redbook CD, DVD-Audio or SACD playback. All formats are equally improved since the dominant portion of the mod is to the analog output stage.

Our Level-1 mod installs:

  • We upgrade the critical I-V and output buffer op amps by replacing the stock parts (currently, about 50 cent/ea.) with the best dual SMT-packaged Analog Devices AD8620 op amps on the market today, retailing for almost 50 times that of the stock parts. These parts dramatically enhance both the unit's technical and subjective audio performance. Installation of the two AD8620s requires a thru-hole DIP adaptor PCB in one location.
  • The output RCA jack pair is changed from the cheap stamped metal and plastic types to precious machined Vampire RCA jacks, using a base material of OFC-Copper (3.5 times more conductive than brass), and direct gold-plating without any intermediate nickel plating.
  • The output signal exits not via the stock miniscule tin/lead plated pcb trace, but by pure 99.99% 23-AWG solid-core silver DH LABS wire with foamed teflon "tape-wrap" dielectric.
  • The 16 most critical signal resistors are changed to precision 1% Japanese made Riken Ohm carbon-Composite types with gold-plated copper leads. These replace the cheap, magnetic stock Taiwanese resistors.
  • All critical capacitors are changed to the best film and electrolytic types - 4 x Black Gate FK-Series output coupling caps and 6 x polystyrene film and foil caps in the analog filter.
  • Chassis resonances are dampened with 2 x 1sqt. Soundcoat sheets and external vibrations aren isolated via 4 x compliant EAR Sorbothane feet.
  • All five critical analog power supply diodes (currently cheap generic quality) have been replaced with ultra-fast soft-recovery IR Hexfred type diodes
  • We use WBT 4% silver solder throughout.
  • The mod takes upwards of 4.5 hours of skilled labor to complete and carries a 90-day warranty.

Sonic benefits of our Level-1 mod:

  • Bass slam and extension are dramatically improved, with fuller weight and authority in the critical mid-bass region. It now competes with much more expensive players in this important area.
  • The unit is quieter, the blacks are blacker to resolving more low level detail and ambience retrieval.
  • It is smoother, with a more liquid midrange.The solid state glare has been replaced by a more neutral presentation.
  • The unit is more dynamic, with both macro and micro dynamic contrasts improved. There is much more air in the presentation.Transparency is improved and one can now look farther into the soundstage.