Denon DVD-2900 Level-1 mod - $1,790 + shipping for new modified machines ($900 retro-fit to your machine, add $450 for center-channel on either new or pre-owned units, add $480 for Audiocom Superclock II/LC Audio upgrade when purchased together with the Level-1 mod package)

Our Level-1 mod installs:

  • We upgrade the critical I/V conversion and output buffer op amps, replacing the stock parts (about 50 cents each) with the best single and dual op amps available (Burr-Brown OPA-627's, requiring a dual DIP to single SMT adaptor pcb - and SMT packaged-only Analog Devices AD8620) which are 50 to 100 times as expensive as the stock parts. These upgrades dramatically enhance both the unit's technical and subjective audio performance. Our mod uses 2 of our custom Analog Devices AD8620 and 2 of our custom Burr-Brown OPA627 adapter pcb's.
  • The main output RCA jack pair is changed from the cheap stamped metal and plastic types to precious machined Vampire RCA jacks, using a base material of OFC-Copper (3.5 times more conductive than brass), and direct gold plating without any intermediate nickel.
  • The output signal exits not via a miniscule tin/lead plated pcb trace, but by pure 99.99% 23 awg solid-core silver DH Labs wire with Teflon insulation.
  • 22 critical signal-path resistors are upgraded to precision Japanese-made Riken Ohm Carbon Comp types with gold-plated copper leads to replace cheap magnetic Taiwanese units.
  • All critical caps are upgraded to the best film and electrolytic types - 2 Rel-Cap Teflon bypass caps; 4 BlackGate KF Series coupling caps; and 10 polystyrene analog filter caps.
  • Chassis resonances are dampened with 1 sq.ft of SoundCoat and external vibrations have been isolated via four compliant EAR Sorbothane feet.
  • The power supply is upgraded with 6 BlackGate FK and NX series electrolytic caps and all critical analog supply diodes (generic stock quality) are replaced with ultra-fast soft-recovery Fred type diodes (1 Telefunken and 5 IR Hexfreds).
  • We use WBT 4% silver solder for all parts replacements.
  • The mod takes upwards of 6.5 hours to complete and carries a 90-day warranty

The optional Superclock kit upgrade installs:

  • Our custom designed and dedicated power supply and Audiocom's Superclock II/LC Audio clock kit

Sonic benefits of our Level-1 mod:

Finally, a great sounding multi-channel all format-player for audiophiles is available. The Denon DVD-2900 starts life as a CD Redbook/SACD/DVD-Audio multi-player that is an exceptional progressive scan video player and uses some of the best Burr Brown 1790-series digital parts for audio. The analog-stage, however, is a major disappointment. The results are a great video player that is mediocre on audio. Our new Level-1 mod transforms this player on either 2 (L/R) or 3 channels (L/C/R) to a level that any audiophile would be proud to use as the centerpiece of a very expensive audio system. The finished product easily outperforms Denon own DVD- 9000 as an audio player for far less money.

For critical stereo reproduction, the basic Level-1 mod is performed on the front left/right channels only to significantly improve performance whether the source is Redbook CD, DVD-AUDIO, SACD or any other format! All formats are equally effected since the dominant portion of the mod addresses the analog output stage. Upon request, we can add a specific center channel mod and dramatically upgrade it as well for those wanting exceptional multi-channel performance.

The sonic transformation is amazing. This player is now much smoother, with a farmore liquid midrange, the solid state glare replaced with a neutral presentation that isn't tubes but much closer to what a tube player can offer. This alone makes the mod well worth the price. But there's more.

The unit's noise floor is lower, the black of silences is blacker to resolve more low level detail and ambience retrieval. The unit is more dynamic, micro dynamic contrasts much improved. Highs seem to go on forever and there is much more air in the presentation. Transparency is improved and you can now look farther into the soundstage. Images are sized better and more focused. Stage width and depth improve. Bass slam and extension are dramatically improved, with fuller weight and new authority in the critical mid-bass region. The DVD 2900 now competes with much more expensive players in this important area.

Sonic benefits of the upgraded digital clock:

The upgraded clock dramatically lowers jitter in the digital section of the unit. The sonic benefits are more low level resolution and inner detail, with a more defined soundstage and greater image width. With the clock, the DVD-2900 is an amazing machine that competes with Hi-End machines selling for three times its price. Our first customer with the Superclock felt that it handily outperformed his $5000.00 Sony SCD-1!

The Denon DVD-2900 retro-fitted Level-1 mod carries a 90-day parts & labor warranty. The same warranty applies to the mod on new machines purchased from us.