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$1799.00 pr at intro
at the end of May
The above is a rendering of the new KC III speakers

Pure Analog Controlled Directivity Open Baffle Loudspeaker

        Single Amp drive - Does not require bi-amplification.
  • New Emerald Physics EP10 woofers
  • 6.5” Emerald Physics midrange with 1" Emerald coincident (screw in) point source Tweeter
  • World Class sonic performance in a compact and easy to place package
  • Incredible imaging and soundstage reproduction. 
  • Open Baffle Bass speed and articulation. 
  • Works well in small rooms as close as 2 feet from the rear wall. 

 KC III Specifications
  • System Type: Passive 3-way / 3-driver Dynamic Dipole  
  • Frequency Range: 49Hz–22kHz +/-3dB typical in-room response from target curve,
  • 35Hz with optional BOM (Bass Optimimation Module) adjustable 4-pole Linkwitz Transform Function analog EQ
  • Frequency Linearity: +/- 0.50 dB from 100Hz-20KHz from target curve
  • Impedance: 6 Ohms nominal, 4 ohms minimum
  • Recommended power: 25-200 watt amps 
  • Max Power input: 150W RMS, 300W program 
  • Sensitivity: 93dB 2.83V @ 1M @ 1kHz 
  • Emerald Physics Screw-In 1 inch Tweeter
  • Emerald Physics Godzilla 8” Mid-Woofer/Midrange
  • Emerald Physics 10” Woofer w/ Dual Pleated Surrounds 
  • Crossover:
  • Dimensions: 41.25"H including base x 19.25"W at the base (18.25" W without the base)(12 7/8" W at the top) x 7.5"D to back of midrange/tweeter x 13 1/8" D including the base from front to rear at the bottom The panel is 2" deep
  • Weight: Net: 30lbs each, Shipping at 74lbs pair in one boxes
  • All specifications and pricing subject to change