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EP Reinvents the Panel Loudspeaker

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We will have 2 new models during 2024

Our new EP600.2SE tube hybrid 600wpc power amp is now shipping from stock

The EP600.2SE just got a Reviewers Choice award from Part Time Audiophile

The new KC3 will be intro'd first Quarter 2024 @ $1799.00/ pair


EP2.3 Best sound at Show award for Axpona 2015

EP2.3, The Absolute Sound Editors Choice award winner



Eliminating the room

Emerald Physics has developed a method to control a speaker’s dispersion pattern in order to minimize room interactions and thereby eliminate most of the room’s sonic signature. Our patent-pending BDC (Broadband Directivity Control) technology is a turning point in the history of loudspeaker design. Until now, speaker / room interaction has been one of the major problems in home audio systems. Conventional speakers have wide dispersion and an omni-directional pattern in the bass range, sending large amounts of sound energy toward the room boundaries, which are reflected back into the listening space with a time delay. These are known as early reflections, which color the sound of the original signal. The omni-directional bass pattern also excites room resonances in all three axis which tends to cause the boomy, ill-defined bass commonly experienced in many systems. The solution is to create a speaker with a more narrow dispersion pattern as well as a more consistent dispersion angle across the frequency spectrum. Listening to mainly the loudspeaker’s direct field eliminates most of your room’s sound, creating a consistent and natural playback performance even in difficult rooms.