Eastern Electric MiniMax

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In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested, factory-authorized performance enhancement packages for the Eastern Electric MiniMax tube CD player.

By virtue of selling consumer-direct, we can offer these super-charged, brand-new models for $250 less than the same modifications would cost retro-fitted - though we offer that, too.
The stock Minimax is a very good 6922-based, $1350 player with HDCD capability. The mod is designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers. Our modified machine is now competitive with players that are selling for up to $3000. It is very accurate and has the liquid midrange that most audiophiles are looking for.
MiniMax CDP Level-1 modMiniMax CDP Level-1 mod - $650 + frt retro-fit to your player The following details describe our Level-1 mod: -Eight ultra-fast soft recovery International Rectifier Hexfred and Telefunken Fred diodes are added to the power supply. -Two Black Gate standard-grade electrolytic capacitors are added to the I-V power supply position.
MiniMax CDP Level-2 modOur Level-2 mod takes this player to yet another level and adds another 30% of performance over the Level-1. The bass is better, dynamics are improved and transparency is enhanced. MiniMax CDP Level-2 mod - $950 + frt to your machine The following details describe our Level-2 mod:
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