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In exclusive partnership with top-tier modification house Parts ConneXion, Underwood HiFi is proud to offer the following carefully tested performance enhancement packages for the Music Hall CD-15.2, DAC25.2, CD25, CD25.2 (Level 1, 2 and transport), A-15.2, A 25.2, Mambo and Maverick. These players are covered under the full Music Hall factory warranty.

By virtue of selling consumer-direct, we can offer these super-charged, brand-new models for a better price than the same modifications would cost retro-fitted - though we offer that, too.

CD-15.2 The CD-15.2 got a very good review in Stereophile by Sam Tellig. It is our favorite under $600 CD player.

DAC25.2 The Music Hall DAC25.2 is a very nice tube DAC that has a USB input as well as both RCA & balanced outputs. It also has a good headphone amp.

CD-25.2 The new Music Hall CD-25.2 is an upgraded version of their older CD-25. The older unit received excellent reviews. This new player has an upgraded transport as well as a 24-bit/192kHz converter. The circuit design is a good bit more complex and offers us the opportunity to make it into a superb player.

A15.2 The A15.2 integrated amp is rated at 75wpc but actually puts out 90 and is a high value full-featured remote controlled integrated amp. It even comes with a pretty good phono stage. It has a front panel mini plug to run an iPod and is voltage switchable to ship internationally. The modification is covered by the Music Hall factory warranty.

A-25.2 Music Hall A-25.2 Level 1 mod [$650 + frt retrofit, $990 + frt for new preinstalled machines]:

Music Hall Mambo The Music Hall Mambo is a beautiful 50wpc pure Class A integrated amp. It is quite unique in that it includes a high- quality upsampling 24bit/96kHz Burr-Brown D/A converter. Plug your current CD player in and upgrade your entire system. The stock unit was very good and a great value for only $1300.

Maverick CD/SACD player Music Hall Maverick CD/SACD player Level-1 mod - $1,990 + shipping ($900 retro-fit)

This player is the Shanling T-200 without its cosmetics and tube output/headphone stage (temporary image from our HE2003 snap shot book).

Our Level-1 mod installs

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