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We no longer modify any Raysonic products

Raysonic CD-138 The Raysonic CD-138 is our favorite stock CD player at near its $1.950 price. The stock player is a beautiful top loading 24/192 upsampling machine. It uses a Class A triode output stage. It has variable outputs and can run directly into a power amp. It offers both RCA and XLR outputs. We offer a mod for each type of output.

Raysonic CD-128 We are glad to introduce our modifications for the Raysonic CD-128 tube CD player. The stock player was a superb value and one of the finest stock players that we are aware of for under $2,000 whe n introduced

Please note that our modified CD-128 is clearly better than the stock CD-168.

The following details the Level-1 modifications for the Raysonic CD-168 player [$1,150 + frt. retrofit; $3,190 + frt. preinstalled]: One pair of premium machined Vampire direct gold plated over copper body Teflon insulated RCA female jacks replace the cheap stamped jack modules 4 x Black Gate C-series output coupling capacitors & FK-grade PS caps
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