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Musical Fidelity Amp/CDP deals
Encore 225
225wpc with CDP & 1Tb hard drive

The Musical Fidelity Encore 225 is perfect for anyone who wants to combine the incredible power, realism and emotional involvement of the $3000.00 M6si amplifier with a high-quality M3 CD player, built in upgradable 1TB drive for disc ripping and accessibility web radio, Tidal and Spotify Connect.
The Encore 225 is easy and intuitive to use. It has 225 watts per channel and a huge range of facilities. It features excellent build-quality that Musical Fidelity is known for. The plethora of input and output options are there to make the Encore a mainstay in your music system.
Web radio Tidal and Spotify Connect are built in to get you started with the basics.

Full color display with hardware front panel buttons
The Encore can be comfortably controlled via your phone or mobile device.
The diverse control options and the ability to fully control the Encore on the front panel make it future-proof, so that in 20 years, when the digital infrastructure will be completely different from today, your Encore will continue to play music like on day one.
State of the art 225wpc integrated amplifier with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs
M6si hardware built-in /M3 CD Player with 1TB drive for ripping
Large, high resolution, full color display allows easy and intuitive control
Full control via front-panel hardware buttons, IR remote, Apps and web-interface
Web-radio, Tidal and Spotify Connect
Black & silver available

List $5000.00

Sale $2,999.00 delivered

Musical Fidelity M8 Encore
500wpc with CDP and CD ripper

Full color display with hardware front panel buttons   
State of the art integrated amplifier with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs
    M8 hardware built-in with 500 watts per channel @ 8 ohms
    M3 CD Player with internal 1TB hard drive (expandable to 2TB)
    High quality aluminum chassis with hardware buttons on the front in pristine build quality
    Large, high resolution, full color display allows easy and intuitive controls
    Full control via front-panel hardware buttons, IR remote, Squeezebox Apps and web-interface
    Web-radio and Spotify Connect

List $10,000.00
Sale $4,499.00 delivered


Acoustic Technologies speaker deal
Save 70%

We have bought a closeout on the Acoustic Technologies Classic speaker. This $2450.00 pair of speakers was a 2-year design project. The company designer finished the speaker & the passed away suddenly. We have bought the inventory from the family.
The Classic speakers are optimized in both the frequency and time domains. Using a single wide band driver properly sized to allow for all sufficient musical cues, he introduced a new technology to coherently present lower frequency information produced by the driver. This new technology uses a proprietary cabinet design to acoustically amplify the lower frequencies produced by the driver much in the manner that musical instruments do. They use solid silver internal wiring with Cardas CCGGL gold plated binding posts.

These speakers are great with small power tube amps like out VT-70 as well as 300B amps and other smaller high quality tube & solid state amplifiers.

 Realistic 3D sound staging / No “sweet spot” / Small profile /Low power consumption

John Atkinson - stereophile.com (RMAF 2009 Show Report)

    "When I walked into the room of Chicago-based Acoustic Technologies LLC, I thought I was listening to speakers that only had tweeters, because the only visible drive-unity was a single 3" unit. Yet the sound, a recording of Rimsky-Korsakov's Schererazade, was definitely full-range, and the soundstaging, as you might expect from such a small radiating diameter and a narrow cabinet baffle, was well-delineated. 

    The 3" unit, which has a titanium cone, was being used in the Acoustic Technologies Classic-Series loudspeaker to cover the entire audio band. Yes, the speaker was running out of headroom at climaxes with a lot of bass energy—maximum amplifier power is specified as 30Wpc—but there was a refreshing transparency to the overall presentation. System was an Ayon CD2 CD player, Pass Labs X-1 preamp, and a PS Audio power amp."

Rick Becker - enjoythemusic.com (CES & THE Show 2009 Report)

    "The room was empty except for the music.  As sometimes happens, this off-the-beaten-path adventure turned up a real gem.  The music emanated from a pair of single driver floorstanders about 6-inches wide and 43-inches tall.  The driver itself was only 3 inch in diameter, but it was obvious it was very special. [...] A special cabinet design amplifies the bass and recreates sound like a musical instrument.  The breakthrough here was the ability of these loudspeakers to create 3-dimensional sound throughout the room without having to sit in a "sweet spot." [...] This Real World loudspeaker really excites me; I get goose bumps just listening to my video notes."

Gary Lea - Constantine Soo's Dagogo - A Unique Audiophile Experience (RMAF 2009 Show Report)

    "The Acoustic Technologies room was quite entertaining. This speaker is a very narrow floor-standing with a single, 3" driver. I first heard this speaker at the AKFEST in May and was mightily impressed not only with the amount of sound and frequency range that was attainable from a single 3” driver, but the musicality and the sound staging. The Acoustic Technologies makes a pretty convincing argument for single-driver speakers. They also do a pretty interesting demonstration to show that the speaker delivers a full sound without a particular sweet spot. Attractively priced [...], this elegant looking floor standing column would fit in with any décor."

Laurence Borden - The Stereo Times - The Complete Audiophile Magazine (RMAF 2009 Show Report)

    "As at CES, In enjoyed the Acoustic Technologies speaker.  This is a small footprint single-driver floor stander.  [...] [D]riven by a Pass F3 amp, the speaker has remarkable dispersion, such that it sounds good irrespective of where one is standing or sitting in the room.  In my opinion, this speaker represents a fantastic product for those intrigued by single-driver speakers, those with a limited budget, or those interested in a "life style" speaker that offers the antithesis of the "head in a vice" sweet spot of many modern speakers."

Type: Full range, single-driver loudspeaker      
Driver: 3” w/ titanium cone

Sensitivity: 92.5dB
Freq response is 50Hz-19KHz

Crossover/Filter: None  
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms 
Rated Power 15 Watts-30 watts

Dimensions: 43.25"h x 6.25"w x 9.75"d    N
et weight: 35 lbs. per speaker

Available Finishes: Mahogany Red Satin    
Warranty: Two year driver warranty

MSRP: $2,450.00
Closeout sale
$749.00 pair delivered
Pre Box RS2 Digital

Available in black or silver- Limited quantity
Pre Box RS Digital is a tube (6922) or solid state remote controlled dual mono preamplifier with high quality DAC & Class A circuitry

Save $650.00
It uses a pair of Texas Instruments PCM1792 DAC chips in a dual differential mode to achieve ultimate fidelity. As a selectable feature, a second PCM5102 DAC chip from Texas Instruments is built-in and handles 32bit/384kHz. A quality headphone output with selectable impedance is also implemented and meets the demands of most headphones on the market. All told, Pre Box RS Digital delivers three-dimensional sound staging, a wealth of micro-detail and enticing resolution that’s sure to impress digital music lovers.

Switchable DAC chips: 2x PCM1792 or PCM5102
9 digital inputs: i²S, AES/EBU, Toslink, S/PDIF coax
Analog: Pre-out XLR/RCA/headphone, RCA input
Headphone amp with adaptable output impedance
Fully balanced double mono design
Output stage switchable between 6922 tube & solid state
Ultra-linear and ultra low noise
Pure Class A circuitry
Alps Blue Velvet volume control
DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)
IR remote control included
Available in black or silver
Handmade in Europe

List $1499.00
Sale $849.00 delivered

Project Tube Box DS2 phono stage

The Tube Box DS2 is a tube phono preamp that benefits from outstanding circuit technology and uses excellent components. It is compatible with both MM and MC cartridges. It offers connection for two turntables plus two selectable line outputs and a continuously variable selection of input impedance for low output MC cartridges while playing a record! Other features include input capacitance for MM cartridges and switchable subsonic, that prevents your amplifier and speakers of ultra low rumble below 20Hz. All components including tube output and polypropylene capacitors are audiophile-grade to assure a great performance. A perfect upgrade for ambitious vinyl lovers!

Magnetic real wood side panels in eucalyptus are included.

List $1129.00
Sale $799.00 delivered



MAIA DS2 Full featured integrated amp

w/ DAC & MM/MC phono stage

Save $600.00

The MaiA DS2 is a full featured small-sized integrated amplifier offering outstanding audio quality and great source-compatibility with both analog & digital signals. It features a high-class 24bit/192kHz D/A converter with USB, optical, coax & Bluetooth inputs. There are also three line-level RCA analog inputs plus an MM and MC phono input. Despite its small size, up to 9 source devices can be connected simultaneously. Effectively isolating the circuitry from the surrounding environment is a 2-layer aluminum/steel enclosure. High-quality, sound-first components are used throughout. The MaiA puts out 135WPC @ 4 ohms and 78WPC @ 8 ohms.

Dual mono design

Built in MM/MC phono preamp

Full function remote control

XMOS 24/192k USB input

DSD 64, 128, 256 playback capability

Dual Burr Brown PCM 1796 DAC's

4th generation Bluetooth with AptX capability

Motor driven volume potentiometer

Dedicated headphone amplifier

Fixed and variable outs for subwoofer or 2nd zone amp

Available in black

Made in Europe

List $1200.00

Sale $699.00 delivered



Project turntable deal
Save $650.00

2Xperience SB SE
Beautiful high Gloss mahogany turntable with speed control, carbon fiber tonearm and Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge
List $1499.00
Sale $849.00 delivered

Electronic speed controller/stabilizer
  • Precision balanced vinyl-coated MDF platter
  • Screw-down record clamp couples record to platter
  • Massive CNC-machined MDF chassis
  • Audiophile-grade 9” one-piece carbon tonearm (model 9cc)
  • Inverted top-quality ABEC 7 tonearm bearings
  • 2M Silver cartridge with silver-plated coils
  • Available in gloss mahogany
  • Gold-plated RCA sockets
  • Purpose-designed Connect it E phono cable
  • Dust cover included
  • Handmade in Europe
Project Remote preamp
with 5 analog inputs, fixed and variable outputs as well as a subwoofer out

    Fixed line level output as well as variable output
    Mono subwoofer RCA output
    Trigger in/out
    RCA Line Level solid state output
    Ultra linear circuit
    Coupling-capacitor free signal path
    Ultra low noise floor
    Alu/metal sandwich casing in silver or black available
    Wooden side panels optionally!
    IR remote control supplied
    Handmade in Europe

List $749.00
Sale $399.00 delivered
Limited quantity-Call about colors available

LSA Warp One 150wpc amp
$1,199.00 delivered

Our Discovery Warp One 150wpc stereo amp is the sonic class leader at its price point. It outputs 250 watts at 4 ohms. Is is 2 ohm stable as well. It is the perfect mate to our DPH-1 preamp/DAC as well as the Audio GD R28 preamp/DAC. We have 4 great reviews already.
5 excellent reviews are already out on this amp.

See the Thomas & Stereo youtube review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6j3RRCllSA

Project Beatles turntable deal
Save $800.00

This limited edition high-end 
2Xperience SB (Sgt. Pepper) is a collaboration between Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Universal Music Group & The Beatles. A total of 1000 pieces of this exceptional record player were made. Pro-Ject USA stocks world’s remaining supply!

The precision motor control (electronic speed change) and the 9cc Evolution carbon fiber tonearm mean playback quality is outstanding. The heavy chassis is made from MDF using a non-resonant construction technique. The turntable platter is dynamically balanced and uses a composite construction of MDF in recycled vinyl coating that’s 4mm thick for optimal coupling to your records. A lightweight aluminum screw-down record clamp reinforces and enhances said coupling..

The 2Xperience SB is not only equipped with a high-end tonearm, but comes with a factory-aligned Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge that makes use of silver-plated copper coils. A hinged acrylic dustcover and purpose-designed Connect it E phono cable are also included.

List $1600.00

Sale $799.00 delivered

 Limited quantity


Audio GE Teddy speaker deal

At Underwood Hifi we are always looking to present high quality products that we can offer to our custmers at great Internet Direct deals. In Audio GE we found a small Lithuanian company that makes great speakers with no North American presence. We listened to their new Teddy and were amazed at the value. So we arranged to sell the Teddy at our low overhead factory direct pricing as the US importer.
Here is the first review: 

More info here:https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/audio-ge

Retail $3300.00
Internet Direct pricing
$1,699.00 pair

New shipment now shipping


MYZIC Headphone amp
Save 50%

Perfect for any reasonably efficient headphones

Great sound at an affordable price

Features and specs

  • 1MO analog input to prevent loading source output stage.
  • 500MW rms @ 32 Ohms and 1W rms @ 16 Ohms
  • Analog output duplicating analog input to avoid the need for a Y connection.
  • MyZIC matches with every headphone impedance and sensitivity.
  • Log horizontal rotary control for a precise listening level adjustment. Minimal level detection putting MyZIC in standby mode.
  • Out of standby delay to avoid any turn on thump.
  • Professional Neutrik headphone 1/4” socket with headphone presence detection. When no headphone is connected, MyZIC will remain in standby mode.
  • LED status indicator : Red when MyZIC is in standby and White in operation.
  • 85 - 265 Vac / 50 – 60 Hz switch mode power supply, for exceptional sonics.
  • 2 year factory warranty


Sale Price $149.00 delivered

MyGroove phono stage deal at 57% off

Very good Moving Magnet/Moving Coil phono stage
Only available in white

Quality phono pre-amp
If your existing amp doesn’t have a phono pre-amp built-in the Micromega MyGroov gives your vinyl a thorough revival. Featuring a low noise power supply and ‘clean’ signal path that’s free from electrolytic capacitors, the MyGroov gives you smooth, distortion-free sound quality.

Choose between MM (40dB) and MC (60dB)
Compatible with both MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) cartridges, the MyGroov works with just about any cartridge. Even if you don’t use a sonically superior MC cartridge at the moment, this phono pre-amp gives you the option to do so in the future – without having to upgrade the phono pre-amp, too.

Smooth design
The sleek design features quality detailing. Switching between standby/MM/MC, for example, is carried out by an anodized aluminum wheel. Delayed switching avoids any ‘thump’ coming through the speakers as you switch inputs. The case itself is very compact and easy to house.

Differential analog input structure to avoid current injection into the cartridge.
• MyGROOV adapts to all type of cartridges despite of their impedance and sensitivity.
Four positions horizontal rotary switch with anodized aluminum wheel.
To select between STBY – MM – MUTE – MC
Out of standby delay to avoid any thump at turn on and when switching
between MM, Mute and MC.
LED status indicator : Red when MyGROOV is in standby and White in operation.
• Integrated in house designed universal power supply 85-265 Vac / 50-60Hz.
• Unique design, extremely fast, ultra low noise audio power supply.
No electrolytic capacitors in the audio section, neither in the low noise power supply,
nor in the audio path.
• Cartridge load impedance : MM - 47 kΩ / MC - 100 Ω.

• Gain : MM - 40 dB / MC – 60 dB.
• Very Low THD (1 kHz) 0,001% MM, 0,005% MC.
• RIAA deviation < ± 1 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz).
• Frequency response : 20 Hz – 20 kHz.


List $299.00

Sale Price $129.00

 Epos speaker closeout
We have bought all the remaining Epos speakers from the US importer and are closing them out. Reviews on all these speakers were very good. Epos has always made very good speakers but never sold well in the US. At these deals they should go pretty fast. 
White Column speakers with soft dome tweeter 

The 2 ½ way K3 floor-standing loudspeaker is the largest model within this range of loudspeakers. 
List $2,395.00 pair  
Sale $799.00 Pr + freight
One pair left in white

Power Handling:  200 Watts unclipped speech and music

Frequency Range:  41 Hz – 30 kHz

Impedance:  4 Ohm nominal

Sensitivity:  91dB / 2.83V@1m

Tweeter:  Epos 25mm soft dome with high-temperature voice coil, ferrofluid cooling and neodymium magnet system.

Bass/Midrange Driver:  x2 187mm Epos mid bass drivers, with 25mm high-temperature voice coil and polypropylene cone.

Internal wiring:  18 AWG stranded oxygen free copper cable.

Finish:  Painted White

Grille:  The K3 has an optional Snap-on grille.

Size:  212 x 300 x 935mm (W x D x H)

Weight:  41 pounds per single speaker
44 pounds per carton
Packaged One speaker per carton

5 year factory warranty
 Full info is at: http://www.epos-loudspeakers.com/ 
Product Description List price Sale price
DSPeaker New Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core with updated software with warranty price included delivery $1200 $799
Emerald Physics Black EP200.2SE New 200wpc power amplifiers that can also be an integrated amp-Superb sonics. $3500 $1199
LSA  HP-Diamond headphones w/ freight anywhere in the world. Save $400.00 now 1999.00 $1599.
Martin Logan Photo Sample Dynamo 1100X powered sub-Never turned on-Room correction & smart phone control $1299 $999.
Marantz CD-6007 CD player- New with 3 year warranty $800.00 $679.00
Marantz Photo Sample SACD 30N CD/SACD player with DAC & streamer Never turned on As new $3000. $2580