Wyred 4 Sound

STP/SE preamplifier modificatons to your preamp

The Wyred 4 Sound STP/SE has received tons of praise and many great reviews. Six Moons thought it sounded as good as their $10,000 reference tube preamp. It is easily our favorite stock solid state preamp in the under $3,000.00 price range. As the reviews have all said it is a fabulous buy at its $1995.00 Internet Direct price.

The STP/SE is an Active/Passive hybrid design with transparency of a passive and the dynamics of an active design.

The feature set is excellent:
1) The preamp is fully balanced from input to output.
2) It has 2 sets of XLR balanced outputs as well as 2 sets of RCA single ended outputs.
3) There are 3 sets of single ended RCA inputs and 2 sets of balanced XLR inputs.
4) It has 12v triggers to activate the Home Theater pass thru that is customizable for any input.
5) There is a balance control.
6) There is an absolute phase control
7) There is a customizable multichannel pass thru
8) Made in California
9) Five year factory warranty
10) Available in 120 volt US or 230 volt European versions
11) Available in black or Silver finish

We can now only mod units sent to us as we no longer represent Wyred for new products.
Our mod was designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers.

The following details the Level-1 modification:
a) We add 1 DEXA Technologies “discrete” DUAL op amp module to the input buffer.

b) We upgrade 4signal path resistors with KIWAME 2-watt 1% Carbon Film resistors

c) We upgrade the power supply regulators with 2 DEXA Technologies “discrete series” regulators (+ & - 15V)

d) We replace the inexpensive AC connector with a FURUTECH Rhodium-plated AC inlet

e) 10 feet of WBT Solder is used throughout the mod

f) 4 hours labor are required to complete the mod

Sonic changes of our Level-1 mod:
Better low-level detail and 3D ambiance retrieval
Macro dynamics are improved
It seems to play louder, with improved microdynamic contrasts
Midbass is improved to add weight to voices and make them sound more real
The midrange is a little more liquid than the stock machine's
Imaging is more defined, soundstage depth is enhanced
Bass extension and impact are improved with more weight and authority
he high frequencies are a little smoother


                                         The Level-1 modification to your preamp is $750.00 + freight
                                            One year warranty on mod work to your preamp.

We also have a Level-2 modification that is more comprehensive at $1,400.00 to your machine.

The Level-2 takes all of the level-1 and adds:
1) Two additional DEXA Technologies “discrete” DUAL op amp modules. One for each output buffer.
2) 6 Mundorf AG-Series main Power Supply filter caps at 22,000uf 25V each

The L-2 modified preamp is superb and better than most $6-10k solid state preamps.

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