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Lehmann phono stages from Germany have set a high standard for many years. Their Black Cube Original is an affordable solid state best buy. The line goes from under $450.00 up to $4500.00. They also mkake excellent headphone amps. 

Phono stages

Black Cube Statement MM/MC (41-61Db gain) with adjustable loading $449.00

Black Cube Original MM/MC (36-66Db gain) external power supply with adjustable loading $629.00

Black Cube SE MM/MC phono stage w/36-66Db gain and configurable loading $929.00

Black Cube SE II Upgraded SE in nicer chassis with improved sonics $1149.00

Decade phono with power supply

Decade Affordable hi end MM/MC w/36-66Db gain & zero feedback Class A output stage $2099.00

Silver Cube State of the art MM/MC phono stage with state of the art sonics $4500.00