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Underwood Hifi owns LSA and we are selling LSA exclusively factory direct. This allows us to dramatically lower the selling prices of our excellent speakers and electronics.
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Statement 100
Intro sale $2499.00 delivered

2024 Speaker of the year in Part Time Audiophile
Part Time Audiophile made it a Reviewers Choice & said:

As I’m writing this review, I suddenly regret that I wasn’t able to hear the LSA Statement 100 monitors with that Audio-gd Master 10 Mk. II integrated. Once again, they were ships that passed in the night. Since I’m equally impressed by both of these products in the Underwood HiFi stable, I can’t help but wonder if this is the core of a magical hi-fi system for those who can’t afford speakers that cost more than a new car.

That’s not the point here, and neither is the cost. The LSA Statement 100 monitors have everything going for them–they look gorgeous, they sound soft and beautiful, and they throw out a surprisingly big soundstage with plenty of deep bass, even in a fairly large room. Wally says that if you close your eyes, the 100s should sound like a big floor-standing speaker and they do, within reason. I will admit that their soft, smooth and gentle demeanor, even with those low frequency reserves, may exclude audiophiles who think they crave neutrality and shy away from a speaker that can drop you off at the front entrance of Total Relaxation.

But I think that most audiophiles, without any prompting about price or manufacturer, are going to listen to this speaker and just declare yes, I really like these. I really did, and that’s why I recommend them.

Read the review here:

Our new LSA Statement 100 is our best monitor and meant to compete with competition selling for up to $10,000.00 a pair. They have superb drivers and crossovers. Close your eyes and you will swear they are floor speakers with amazing bass, imaging and dynamics. The speakers use our custom 6.5" XBL/2 metal cone woofer along with a rear mounted 5x7 sub bass radiator and a very high quality true ribbon tweeter. The woofer uses a dual magnet design to allow approximately double the linear throw of a standard 6/.5 in driver. Bass output is therefore equivalent to two 6.5" woofers. The are housed in a gorgeous Rosewood enclosure. Upgraded internal wire and copper binding posts finish the package.

Crossovers in Statement 100 above

Above is shot of the front & rear

Preliminary Specs

In room response: 32Hz to 30 kHz +/-3dB
Sensitivity: 82dB (2.83Vrms @ 1 meter)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Recommended power is 25-200 watts. Can be used with amps of up to 500 undistorted watts
Size: 16" H x 14.25" D x 8.0"W (baffle). Widest Width dimension is 9.5"
Weight: 26 lbs each
Shipping weight is 55 pounds a pair

Signature 50
$599.00 + freight
We think it sets a new standard in a high performance affordable monitor. Below is a first shot of the finished speakers. Our competitors offer 6-8 pound speakers in cheap vinyl boxes. This is a 23 pound, rear ported, perfect imitation wood enclosure with faux leather top and fronts. It features superb drivers and custom crossovers.
These speakers retail at $599.00 Internet Direct  + freight for a pair.

Even we are shocked at the 38Hz in room bass response

In the new Stereotimes review Terry London says:

"LSA (Living Sound Audio) Signature 50 loudspeakers has turned out to be one of the most "mind-twisting" experiences I have had in a very long time."
"Such a component is a "disruptive product" in that it so radically snaps the ratio of cost to performance that it skews the market to the point that it would be irrational to spend a lot more money for less performance."
"Walter Liederman has, for over 21 years, through his direct sales business model, Underwood Hi-fi, Inc., providing high-quality audio gear for music lovers. If you are a music lover, you will consider Mr. Liederman your best friend because with his new LSA Signature 50 speakers, which sell for $599 per pair, you can have a pair of speakers that are at least the equal of my beloved Sonus Faber Cremona M monitors regarding musicality and engaging your emotional connection with the music. The Signature 50 speakers are more transparent and detailed and have better macro-dynamics, with a more taut and extended bottom end. The Cremona M's initially sold for over $7,500 with stands."

"The Signature 50 speakers have outperformed at least three other two-way stand mount speakers ranging in price from $1,700 to $3,500 per pair that I currently have in-house for review."
"So, here we have the LSA Signature 50 speakers, that sell for $599 a pair, that offer excellent build quality, are quite attractive in their physical appearance, have deep, powerful full-range bass, and natural and beautiful timbres in the midrange and high frequencies, and create three-dimensional imaging with reference level soundstaging. The Signature 50 speakers are one of the most engaging, relaxing, and fun stand-mount speakers (regardless of price) that I have enjoyed listening to in my smaller home system."
"It will take a long time, if ever, for the 50s to be the limiting factor in your system's performance. If you're a rational seasoned listener, you might want to try a pair of Signature 50 speakers in your rig. Then, if you decide that this speaker is a "disruptive product" and gives you better performance than your present, more expensive monitors, you can sell them, enjoy your 50s and put some cash in your pocket. "

Read the entire review here:

See the great new youtube review by the Audiophiliac here:

“wow, just wow.”

What does that really mean anyway? It leads to so many more questions. In all seriousness,
the new Signature 50 speakers from LSA (available only online from Underwood Hifi) offer
tremendous value, performance, and build quality for $599/pair.

Tone Audio pre-review quote above

The photo above is with the optional stands. There are 4 sand fillable metal posts with wood bottom and top plate. They are 24" high and come with spikes.
The stands are $249.00 or $199.00 delivered for the pair when bought with our speakers.

The stands are in stock and now shipping

Here is an initial user feedback:

1) "I know you’re a busy man, so will keep this review of your LSA 50 brief: 
Not even broken in yet, the LSA 50’s easily meet, and in many respects surpass, $2000-3000 floorstanding towers I’ve heard. (I’ve heard a lot of them). An incredible feat. 

2) Subject: LSA Signature 50 speakers
Walter: "I received my LSA Signature 50 speakers a few days ago and am totally blown away by their quality, musicality, and WAF, they are
gorgeous. All that at a price point, that is amazing. I really didn't needanother set of speakers; I was content with the floor standers I was using in
my main system, but after reading a review, I thought I would purchase themfor a second system, at that price I really couldn't go wrong. Well, after
partially breaking them in, I have removed my floor standers from my mainsystem, and introduced the Signature 50's. They simply sounded better in so
many ways. The reviews are spot on. Additionally, based on the Signature 50'sprice to value ratio, I think I need to start paying attention to some of the
other products you are selling."  Jerry C.
Key features: 
-A natural, tonally correct, authentic sounds. Violins sound fleshy and real, not thin. Cellos sound resonant and organic. Percussion sounds like it’s in the room 
-Noticeably Dynamic. The speakers have presence, “slam”, immediacy, pop. This makes music sound real, alive, dynamic and lively. 
-Details: I can hear deeper into my favorite test tracks, but the detail never comes at the expense of sounding natural, real, and non-fatiguing. Never harsh, but all the details come out with 3D realism. 
-Imaging. Even without ideal placement, the imaging is top notch. Spacious, airy, yet the voice is grounded and centered in the middle. 
-Bass. Have to keep checking that the sub is not turned on!  The bass is that good. Quick, clean, focused, and deep. Sounds like a much larger speaker and without roominess. I understand this will only improve with break-in, which has not yet happened."
Charlotte, Vermont.

The LSA Signature 50 speaker is a compact stand mount 2-way bass reflex speaker with a 6.5 inch treated paper cone woofer and a low distortion high-resolution 28mm silk dome tweeter integrated with a unique quasi-transient perfect passive crossover that provides a realistic sense of rhythm and dynamics for percussion and drums. 

In the first review Tone Audio said:

"Because the Signatures accomplish so much, it’s truly tough to find fault – remember this is a $600 pair of speakers. In 40 years, only the Magnepan SMG and Vandersteen 1 (back when they were only about $900 a pair) have offered this much sheer musical enjoyment for such a modest investment. Putting the LSA 50 Signatures in the same sentence with these two classic speakers is the highest compliment I can give them."

Read the entire review here:

The crossover components used feature high quality film capacitors as well as utilizing pure copper, large-gauge inductors and premium audio grade wire wound resistors (not white “cement” type resistors). 

The unique quasi-transient perfect crossover means that both the woofer and tweeter are in the same absolute phase (both push out at the same time on a sharp pulse) and time-aligned, and thus render acoustic peaks and crescendos with a minimum of time-smear for crisp and clear cymbals, guitar plucks, piano key strikes, drum rimshots, and standup bass plucks with precision and lifelike realism. 

The time-alignment also provides a wide soundstage and accurate placement of the stereo image.  The quasi-anechoic bass extension is 38Hz at -3dB.  In-room bass extension will likely be deeper with room modes. 

The top end response exceeds 22kHz with a crossover situated at 3.8kHz to provide the required time alignment and phase integration for a 60 degree wide polar response that varies by less than 2dB.  Amazing results for a loudspeaker in this price class – or far above.

 The natural and lifelike voicing has been extensively optimized over countless hours of critical listening sessions provides an enjoyable and fatigue free experience. Our Voicing Team has decades of experience and they have applied sound practices and results in this loudspeaker.

 The LSA Signature 50 is a speaker that you will want to re-listen to your entire music collection again because it is that good and just plain fun to listen to.


Main specifications

85dB sensitivity
Frequency Response in room: 38Hz to 22kHz (-6dB)
  • Power rating: 20-150 watts
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
The 1.1" soft dome tweeter is what you typically find in $2,000.00 speakers.
The tweeter has a
tuned rear chamber and uses ferrofluid for high power handling and extended low-end response
6.5" treated paper cone woofer
Crossover point is 3800Hz
Weight 23 pounds each / 49 pounds the pair shipped

Vented bass reflex design with rear facing port
They are 15" high and 13" deep x 10" wide
  • 5-way Binding Posts on back
  • Foam Rubber Feet
They ship in a 49 pound box that is 23"w x 17"d x18"h box

The crossover is pictured below:

Signature 60
Intro sale is $799.00 + freight

 Order your speakers now at 770-667-5633

How do you make a step up to our best selling speaker, the Signature 50. The 50 is an amazing pair of $599.00 speakers. Reviews have all been off the scale comparing them for models over 10 times their cost. But we wanted a better sounding speaker for not a lot more for those looking to wring the last little bit out of this design. We all loved the cosmetics and bass of the 50 so we left them alone.

Upgrades to the 50 are:

1) Thin Film AMT Tweeter-The tweeter is a REAL, High End Pleated AMT Driver.  The tweeter is 1.4 inches tall (itself)
2) Custom Designed Wave-guide that we did in house after using 3D Printed Models
3) Upgraded crossover with better parts
4) Upgraded internal wire
5) Gold plated pure copper binding posts
6) Much nicer back plate from the Signature 80

See the new youtube video review here:

Signature 60 crossover

In the first review Stereo Times says:
"What are the changes in overall performance with the upgrades in crossover components, all internal wiring, speaker wire terminals, and going from a silk dome tweeter to a waveguide-loaded AMT driver in the new Signature 60 model?"

"I heard the following changes, all positive, easily and immediately in the Signature 60s compared to the Signature 50s.

  1. The noise floor was significantly lower, which allowed the smallest details to be heard more clearly. Another way of describing this would be a higher level of transparency and clarity.
  2. Both the Signature 60s and 50s, like most well-designed two-way stand-mounted monitors, completely disappear in a large three-dimensional enveloping soundstage. What the Signature 60s improve on is the precision of the location of individual players and the layering of that soundstage.
  3. The new AMT tweeter gives the Signature 60 speaker a more high-end extension, a more open and airy sense regarding this frequency range. The tonality is touch “sweeter” and natural sounding compared to the Soft dome tweeter used in the Signature 50s."
"The LSA Signature 60 speakers keep the beautiful musicality of their less expensive sibling and add on the above-stated improvements. Does the upcharge of $200 dollars get you a more refined, improved performance? Unequivocally, yes. Walter and his team have produced another great speaker for a price that makes the Signature 60s another excellent bargain for the music lover."

Read the entire review here:

 In the Positive Feedback review Tom Gibbs said:
"I was really stunned by the very deep, articulated, and tuneful bass being output by the Signature 60. And this was the very first track I listened to! As the track continued, Branford Marsalis' sax took over at the song's bridge, and produced a solo that was rendered by the Signature 60 with a remarkable level of fidelity. I'm used to hearing this kind of imaging and realism from the Magneplanar LRS+ loudspeakers, but was shocked by the faithfully accurate presentation of the Signature 60."

"The Signature 60's AMT driver imbues the voices with an added measure of top-end sparkle, and you can literally pinpoint the individual voices scattered across the soundstage. It's a stunning, nearly surround-sound-like effect for a strictly stereo setup, and the Signature 60 literally vanished in front of me. I experience this level of invisibility day in and day out with the Maggies, but I don't often hear more conventional loudspeakers pull this kind of disappearing act."

He summed with:

"I truly enjoyed my time with them, and it's definitely given me pause to rethink what's possible in a loudspeaker with high-end pretensions at the sub-$1k price point. From the first tune I listened to, I already knew that I loved these excellent monitors. Walter Liederman pulled out all the stops with the upgrades to the Signature 60, and their ridiculously good performance level is uncharacteristic for under a grand in today's audio market. The Signature 60 are stunningly beautiful and well constructed, but most importantly, they're supremely musical and play nicely with a range of amplifiers and associated equipment. And for a limited introductory period, they're available for only $799 USD—I'd definitely give the LSA Signature 60 some serious consideration. Very highly recommended!"

Read the full review here:

In the Audio Pursuit review they said:
"There have been only two other times since I started reviewing in 2006, that I have been so totally taken by a set of sub $1000 speakers: The Totem Acoustic Mites and the ACI Emerald XL's. Now both of those are mini-monitors, and the ACI's still act as my simple 2.0 home theater system in my family room. The LSA Signature 60's at the same price as the aforementioned models, presents a much fuller sound. The bass is not only present, but detailed in both tone and richness. The midrange is natural, smooth, and full of depth including subtle background musical treats usually missing in budget speakers. Finally, the AMT tweeter performs at twice the price-point, completely lacking in shrillness while doling out the sparkle." 

"Honestly, I can't think of a better budget value on the market than the Signature 60's. Had I not laid claim to their bigger brother, the Signature 80's, the Signature 60's would take up permanent residence in my listening room. Bravo Dr. Nguyen and Walter Liederman, for upgrading an already praised speaker.  If you're in the market, get your ears on a pair and enjoy!"

Read the entire review here:

With grills on the two speakers look identical. Signature 60's have better low level detail retrieval with better sound-staging. High frequency extension is also increased and the speaker has a lower noise floor.

Signature 60 AMT tweeter

Main specifications

86dB sensitivity
Frequency Response in room: 38Hz to 25kHz (-6dB)
  • Power rating: 20-150 watts
  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
The thin film AMT 1.4" tweeter is what you typically find in $2,000.00-$3000.00 speakers.
6.5" treated paper cone woofer
Crossover point is 3600Hz
Weight 23 pounds each / 49 pounds the pair shipped

Vented bass reflex design with rear facing port
They are 15" high and 13" deep x 10" wide
  • 5-way Binding Posts on back
  • Foam Rubber Feet

They ship in a 49 pound box that is 23"w x 17"d x18"h box

Signature 80
$1499.00 pair
Intro deal is $1199.00 delivered

Signature 80's are now shipping. Order yours today
The LSA-10 Signature are sold out. The new LSA Signature 80 below at $1499.00 a pair replace them and offer upgraded performance at a far lower cost.

2024 Speaker of the year in Part Time Audiophile

The Signature 80 uses a 7" metal cone woofer and a new 3" planar ribbon tweeter with custom wave guide. Our custom crossover is superb.

In the new April, 2023 Part Time Audiophile review they say:

"Besides sounding a lot larger than they actually are, the LSA Signature 80’s biggest strength was its ability to convey the “melody,” or emotional colors of a composition. When a speaker can connect with the listener in such a way, I’d call that a win-win situation. Couple that level of performance and listening enjoyment with the stunning good looks of the speaker (I could hardly stop staring at the Signature 80s during some of my listening sessions), you’ve got the whole package.

Hopefully, products such as these can help a new generation of listeners become true high-end audio enthusiasts. In this case, the price of admission certainly doesn’t seem like a good excuse not to!

Because here’s the fun bit: if, for all this, the regular price of $1,499 per pair is a gift (and it is), then the current introductory price of $1,199 per pair is something of a miracle .

Get ’em while you can!

Read the entire review here:

In the followup of Best Bookshelf speakers of Summer 2023 they said:
"An ideal monitor that does well with a variety of music genres, the Signature 80s feature a planar magnetic tweeter that is both airy and smooth. It’s a small, affordable bookshelf speaker that excels at dynamics and high SPLs. “The mite (or rather ‘mite-y’) Signature 80s just refused to sound like a small monitor.” A Reviewer’s Choice winner.

In the Audio Pursuit review they sum with:
"I've owned some terrific stand-mounted speakers over my review career: Harbeth Compact 7es, Penaudio Cenya's, and Totem Signature Ones. I can now add the Signature 80's to that list. If I gave awards for loudspeakers, they would win, hands down. These speakers from LSA are just so damn good that I'm prying open my wallet and buying the review pair, something that I haven't done in six years."

In the Secrets review they say:

"Diana Krall’s voice was conveyed at the proper image focus with a convincing three-dimensional soundstage around her. Listening to this track through the Signature 80 speakers was truly an awesome listening experience."
"Details in the music sounded excellent and the liquid-like sonic characters of the speakers conveyed the pace and rhythm of the music extremely well, persuading me to toe-tap with the tunes."
"Be it a big orchestra or small acapella music, the Signature 80 speakers seemed to always be able to draw you into the music with their full and never-lean presentation. The bass response of the Signature 80 was surprisingly strong and extended for speakers of this size."
They sum with:
"The LSA Signature 80 speakers have a lot going for them in this crowded segment of below $2,000/pair speaker market. The speakers are excellently constructed and meticulously finished, and more importantly, their beauty is not just skin deep. With a tonal character that leans towards the warm side of neutral, I have no doubt that the Signature 80 speakers will indulge you with their smooth musicality as they had indulged me during this review. Moreover, with the company’s competitive pricing, these are a lot of speakers for the money and are easy to recommend."

Read the entire review :

The first mini review is out in Tone Audio. They say:
"It just took the first bass riff in The Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love” to convince me that the new LSA 80s deliver some major bass. These dig deep. In a moderate sized room, you won’t need a subwoofer with these – that’s a plus. Especially for entry level audiophiles on a tight budget."

"But bass isn’t everything. These speakers have done an incredible job of blending the tweeter and midrange for a seamless audio experience. They produce a big, big sound that is tough to beat for small monitors, especially at their introductory price o $1,299/pair. Much as we enjoyed the LSA 50s, like Spinal Tap says, “well, these are one better…”

"The cabinets are well finished, and the execution is equally great. Not too fancy, but really good for what they are. Easy to drive, we’ve had excellent result with everything from our 10 Watt per channel LAB 12 Mighty to the Pass XA 200.8 monoblocks. By the way – these lovely little speakers are available direct from Underwood HiFi, and their VT-70 tube integrated at $1,295 makes a killer combination."

"So, what’s not to love?"

Read it here:

In the followup full review from July 2022 they say:
"The $1,000 – $2,500 speaker market is probably one of the most highly competitive segments going. The LSA Signature 80 belongs in the top tier of this group. Rather than concentrating on blowing you away with one optimized aspect of the frequency range, the LSA team brings you a well-balanced speaker, that you can actually live with."

"It’s hard for companies like KEF, Elac and such to put as much forward in this area of high-end audio, because everyone needs to get their piece of the pie. For those of you looking for the maximum value, it’s tough to beat a company like LSA, because there is no importer, distributor and dealer in the chain. Comparing the Signature 80 to the KEF LS-50 and the ELAC Uni-Fi, the Signature 80s not only reveal more music, they are much easier to drive."

"Highly recommended."

Full review here:

The Living Sounds Audio (LSA) Signature 80 speaker is a ported 2-way reference monitor designed to provide an accurate and natural sounding presentation with superb resolution and low distortion. We utilize a state of the art planar tweeter in a custom CNC’d aluminum waveguide. We couple the tweeter to a low distortion light and fast 7" aluminum cone woofer. These drivers are all housed in a beautiful rosewood veneer cabinet with deep front bevels to reduce diffraction effects.  The wave guide and crossover provide a wide angle sweet spot of over 60 degrees with essentially a uniform response and only down -5dB over 90 deg. The bespoke crossover is voiced to provide a smooth and natural transition at 3.5kHz and utilizes a custom PCB with high quality film caps and pure copper wire inductors for resolving high resolution details and to maximize bass impact. The attention to detail and high quality components are further evidenced by a custom CNC’d binding post plate fitted with premium Viborg 5-way gold plated copper binding posts.

As compared to the Signature 50, the Signature 80 is more dynamic, transparent and offers better overall resolution. We compared this speaker to some fine $4000-$5000.00 competitors and are happy with the results. It is another giant killer that we sell Internet Direct.

Terry London of Stereo times emailed with:

"The LSA Signature 80s have reference level transparency that allows all the micro-details/nuances of the music to easily be heard like a studio mastering monitor. However, the Signature 80 never sounds analytical or mechanical. Its overall liquidity and effortless presentation is relaxing, engaging, and allows you to get "intimate" with the music you love. Add on a deep extended accurate base foundation, a beautiful midband, and a detailed sweet high-end to complete this sonic picture! The cabinet is done in a rosewood veneer that is quite the eye candy. All this for $1,299 makes the Signature 80s a remarkable bargain."  
Terry London- Stereo Times

Frequency response: 35Hz-25KHz
Sensitivity: 86.5dB
Impedance: 10 ohms

Minimum impedance: 6.5 ohms
Crossover: 3500Hz
Recommended power: 30-150 watts

15.75" high
9.1" wide
12" deep
22 pounds
Rear closeup of Signature 80 back plate-Excellent woodwork and great Copper connectors

Below is the Signature 80 crossover
We use all metalized Polypropylene Capacitors. Large scale iron core inductors with heavy gauge windings are used for no saturation under high velocity & heavy loads. We use only top quality wire wound resistors
Compare the above Signature 80 crossovers to the KEF LS-50 crossover below



LSA-20 Signature

$3995.00 Pair
Sold out
One Pair of clean B stock available for $1350.00 + freight



Discontinued products no longer longer available

LSA-10 Statements & 10 Signatures are sold out. The LSA Signature 80 is the 10 Signature replacement at $1499.00 pr. The $3,500.00 10 Statements replacements, the Statement 100's will be out in June 2023 at $2995.00 /pair
LSA 20 Signatures and LSA 20 Statements are sold out

LSA amplifiers are all discontinued & sold out. We have no remotes from the older amps.