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Audio Space is a 25 year old Chinese company that make products with unique designs that are out of the ordinary. They compete with brands like Conrad Johnson and Audio Research at 1/2 their prices. Build quality is excellent.

Audio Space has established a 25-year reputation in Asia for building some of the finest sounding tube electronics. Their Reference 2 preamp was the first Chinese product to get Editors Choice from Harry Pearson at the Absolute Sound.

The integrated amps, preamp and power amp offer unique circuit designs and high end sonics at prices lower than their sound quality would suggest.

Hot models are: 

  • Galaxy 34 32wpc remote EL-34 based integrated w/16 watts triode - $2250.00 Sale $1990.00
  • Galaxy 300 21wpc remote 300B based integrated amp - $3,400.00
  • Galaxy 88 4 wpc remote KT-88 based integrated w/24 watts triode - $2800.00
  • Reference 3.1 (KT-88) PP Integrated amp,40wpc/22 Triode MM phono - $4550 Sale $3990
  • Reference 3.1 (300B) Class A Triode PP Int. amp 21wpc MM phono - $5250 Sale $4790
  • Mini Galaxy 12wpc EL-84 integrated with USB DAC/Headphone amp - $1150.00 Sale $999.00
  • Line 2 Quality tube preamp- Superb value Blue Moon Award - $2990.00
  • Pre 2 Remote preamp with MM/MC automatic phono stage - $3,490.00
  • Reference 2 300B balanced preamp, Absolute Sound, Product of the Year - $10,990.00 Sale $8980.00
  • Reference 2S Remote 300B-2A3 tube preamp with 90% of the Ref 2 sonics $4750.00 Sale $3999.00
  • Reference 3 (845/805) Statement mono amps with 845 or 805 tubes - $9,200.00/pr 
  • 6M-300Bpp 300B 21w p/p monos - review (review of 6M-KT88 version) - $3950.00/pr 
  • Phono One MC/MM phono stage with runble filter $2590.00

Other models available.

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