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I have one pair of 15i in Red Walnut left at $399.00 delivered.
Powerful. Compact. Precise. MartinLogan Dynamo and Blaanced Force subwoofers offer audiophile grade performance, home-friendly aesthetics, and a bevy of wireless features including app based controls, app based Anthem Room Correction, and optional wireless audio connections.


MartinLogan’s Subwoofer Control app uses a Bluetooth connection to simplify setup and configuration of Dynamo 600X, 800X, 1100X, and 1600X. App based controls include volume level, low-pass filter (frequency and order), phase, 20–30Hz level, three preset listening modes, and control of Anthem Room Correction. A unique tone sweep feature assists users in locating areas in listening rooms where troublesome rattles or resonances may occur. A single press of a button allows listeners to initiate a tone sweep from 20–120Hz. If a rattle or resonance occurs in the room any frequency can be held, allowing the listener to investigate and identify the source of the unwanted noise.

Dynamo series
Dynamo 800X

Sale $499.00 (only 1 left)

A great sub at a reasonable cost. The 10" long throw driver combined with the 600 watt amp in a sealed box means tight clean bass for quality audio and when combined with the Anthem room correction you get a flat extended bass down to 24Hz.

The Future of Audio: Integrated Systems?

"In the end, bass on this system was deep, controlled, and less distracting than on many systems. I had a greater sense than is usual that bass was just part of the music, not something generated by an audio system." —Tom Martin, The Absolute Sound

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  • 10-inch inverted surround poly cone woofer
  • 600 Watts (peak) amplifier
  • Sealed non-resonant cabinet
  • Digital control system via smartphone app
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) via smartphone app or PC
  • Robust connection options, including RCA and speaker level inputs; 12V Trigger
  • Configurable front or down-firing design
  • SWT-X Wireless Receiver & Transmitter (sold separately)
Frequency Response:  24–200 Hz ±3 dB. Anechoic in LFE mode.

Low Frequency Transducer:  10” (25.4cm) high-excursion, inverted surround, polypropylene cone in a stamped steel basket with extended throw driver assembly; sealed non- resonant cabinet design.
Amplifier: 300 Watts (600 watts peak)
Software:  Sub Control App: iOS and Android
Anthem Room Correction: iOS, Android, and PC
Room Correction:  Anthem Room Correction (ARC)
Controls (Backplate):  Level: Min–Max / Setting Control: Local, App / Power Mode: On, Trigger, Auto
Controls (via Bluetooth)
Level: -40 to 12dB
Low-Pass Filter (Frequency): 35–120Hz
Low-Pass Filter (Order): Bypass, Third, Fourth
Phase: 0–180° (1° Increments)
Phase (Polarity): Normal, Inverted
Preset Listening Modes: Music, Night, Movie
20–30Hz Level: ±10dB
Anthem Room Correction (ARC): On, Off
Tone Sweep (20–120Hz): On, Off, Pause (Frequency)
Inputs (Audio):  Line Level: Left, Right, and LFE  /  Speaker Level: Left and Right via banana jacks
Inputs (Audio, Wireless):  SWT-X Receiver & Transmitter (sold separately)
Weight:  30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD), Front-Firing: 14.6" x 12.4" x 12.7"
Dimensions (HxWxD), Down-Firing:  13.7" x 12.4 " x 13.1 "
Finish: Satin Black