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Sale is $249.00 delivered worldwide
Our current deal is a USBe Perfect with a $200.00 Silver series USB cable for $349.00-SAVE $350

USBe Perfect with a $500.00 Diamond series USB cable for $399.00-SAVE $600
All the above deals includes shipping anywhere in the world

The USBe Perfect is a powered Reference USB interconnect solution.
It is quite unique as it is not just a de-jittering device. It has a DC to DC converter and is a full USB regenerator. It makes a new super clean and quiet USB signal and then it je-jitters that signal. It will turn your computer into a high end music server. It even makes good music streamers and servers better.


Read the latest March 2021 review in Stereotimes where Greg Voth sums with:

"The USBe Perfect makes digital audio sound better and helps resolve the USB 3.0 cable length issue. The USBe Perfect is an accessory l consider an absolute necessity.

As of 03-12-21, the USBe Perfect's $299.00 INTRO SALE price is still in effect (delivered worldwide). In my case, the USBe Perfect was, in fact, the "perfect" solution to my long-standing USB length predicament… the fact that it ALSO improved my rig's sound quality through USB, well, that's nothing short of gold!  I find it fascinating that the solution to my long-lived USB cable length issue came from a friend.
Read the entire review at:

Here is an Aurender users feedback:

"I’ve had my Aurender N100H (which is USB only) and Hegel HD30 DAC combo for several years now, and have never been fully satisfied with the sound. Imaging has always been indistinct (hard to pin-point localize), the midrange a bit dry, and overall lacking a palatable organic quality that has kept me from emotionally connecting as fully with the music as I’d like. I’ve improved things along the way... stillpoint ultras under both the Aurender and DAC made a noticeable improvement (cleaner midrange and highs, slightly improved imaging), better power cords, Inakustik USB cable (sounded better to my ears than the "Curious Cable" that preceded it) and the biggest improvement up until last week... the Inakustik Power Conditioner which quite honestly took the sound of my whole system to a new level. However, as much as the sound improved with all of these changes along the way, it still lacked the organic textures and liquid lushness that I felt... even if just in a small quantity... would really balance out the sound."

That changed last week. On a hunch, and given the sale price (from Underwood HiFi... one of the advertisers here at Audiogon), I bought a Core Power Technologies USBe device for $299 figuring if it didn’t benefit my system I could probably sell it for not too much of a loss. All of the reviews that I read which lavished praise on this device all seemed to be systems with "non audiophile" digital sources... like file servers and laptops... digital ecosystems where it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that a device offering even marginal improvement in jitter and/or noise-reduction might bring a sonic benefit. But with something like the "Aurender"?

"Simply stated, the USBe has completely revolutionized the sound of the Aurender. The improvement is obvious and profound... imaging is pin-point focused, the midrange relaxed and easy, highs airy and uncongested, musical textures all differentiated and distinct... timbres are more real and instruments sound "different from each other" as if some sort of sonic-signature that had painted them all in a similar cast has been removed. Vocals have an added solidity and liquid character that allows them to cross the "emotionally involving" line for me for the first time. Oh, and bass... bass is tighter, more defined, and more "present" in a way that’s sometimes startling."

"$299 folks. Honestly if someone had told me they had swapped out my DAC for some upper-tier $5-10K component I’d have believed them. I can’t promise that everyone and every system will be impacted the way I was with mine, but if you’re using an Aurender N100H (or any USB music server you feel might a weak link in your chain) you owe it to yourself to give this a try. I’ve spent far more money than this on power cables which improved the sound to a lesser degree. The USBe is the real deal."

Here is another hi end server user's feedback:
" I bought the CPT USBe based on both professional reviews and feedback here on audiogon. Prior to the purchase I sent a message to Walter with some questions and he responded quickly. He mentioned that there were other Aurender owners who purchased this product who were pleased with the results. I ordered it late on Thursday and received it on Monday morning."

"I immediately connected it to my Aurender while still cold and knew this product was something special. But before making any judgement, I decided to let it play continuously for the next 3 hours to let it break in a little. I first compared several songs sung by females that tended to sound bright. Not only did it reduce the brightness but also some of the digital glare. Their voices were cleaner and the instruments more refined. I then moved to male voices that were recorded in the 60’s and 70’s such as The Beach Boys and Moody Blues. Again I had the same results."

"Moving over to piano recordings, Bill Evans at the Village Vanguard couldn’t sound any better as if he was playing in front of me. Not only did the piano project into the room, the individual notes were more refined along with the accompanying stand up bass and drums. The bass lines were more pronounced, the drums were cleaner and the cymbals were no longer smeared."

"The most noticeable difference was when the USBe was removed. The soundstage diminished and the music more congested. I thought my system sounded quite good until I installed the USBe."

"I took a $300 chance since there are no returns but couldn’t be any happier. I’m not affiliated with this product as some of you know me for several years now. I recommend anyone with a USB cable give this item a try."
Thanks Walter

Yet another great review. In the latest November 2020 Shoestring Audiophile review. Here are some quotes:
"the difference with the USBe Perfect inline makes itself known quickly. Notes are rounder, smoother, and warmer."
"With the USBe Perfect inline, the song takes on a more hi-res tonality. This setup is more musical, more organic, and carries a new depth."
""After hearing the same eight minutes, I cannot wait to get the USBe Perfect back inline again."
Avoiding the “big things come in small packages” cliché is difficult when talking about something like the USBe Perfect. It is such a tiny device, yet does so much, sonically."
"for those trying to achieve a less digital sound out of their streaming source, this is a very real solution."

Read the entire review at:

In the first review of our new USBe Perfect in they summed with:
"The Core Power Technologies USBe Perfect is a revelation. The improvements are absolute. This is not snake oil audio fans, never have I heard such a noticeable improvement in an electronic add-on device. What is happening inside the screw-sealed metal container is a positive auditory experience.  The semantic terms of what the USBe Perfect does may sound cliche: removing the veil, peeling away the layers, removing the film, washing away the haze. All of the above apply and for good reason, it truly makes the music sound cleaner, clearer, more natural. Not only is this diminutive wonder not leaving my system, but I’m planning on buying a second for my other system, the USBe Perfect is absolutely worth every penny! "

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"The best per dollar audio improvement investment I've ever made. The difference is scary".

In the new Positive Feedback review they summed with:

"In closing, if like me, you are using USB to transfer digital files from a hard drive or streamer to a DAC, consider the possibility that a higher level of performance awaits to be unveiled with a jitter reduction device such as the USBe Perfect. At its current introductory price of $299, the USBe Perfect is in stiff competition with other performance upgrades such as a fine phono cartridge, interconnect, speaker cables, or better headphones. On a day to day basis, steaming MQA from Tidal with the USBe Perfect emerges as the ultimate expression of audio arts in this home with this system."
They also said:
"So far, I have tried to describe how the USBe Perfect elevated already highly engaging musical performance from ripped CDs, downloads, and streams. I have yet to play a digital file that was not improved by the jitter reducing qualities of the USBe Perfect, but I have only explored a small fraction of my library. If anything, the USBe Perfect has forced me to acknowledge the limitations of USB and led me to reconsider the alternatives for truly transparent transfer of digital information to the DAC.:
Read the entire review at:

In the new review in Audio Matters they say:
"Let me keep this simple - you put it in, listen, you take it out, listen, you put it in again. It really is that simple. Many people will likely stop there.  Some people may even skip the 'take it out' middle step, being convinced on first listen, but I'm an empiricist. I put the connector between the Mac and Audient and thought, 'hum...that's better sounding'. I gave it a few days and took it out. It did not take me a further few days to put it back in again. I've done this a few times now, just to be sure...and yes, I'm pretty sure. I leave it in a lot more than I take it out. The music with the USBe Perfect in the chain always sounds better."

See the latest great USBe Perfect review from Here are a few quotes and conclusion:

"Then I listened with the USBe Perfect."

"Suddenly I found it difficult to focus on work.
I thought I knew everything this album had to give. Layers upon layers of vocal harmony were revealed in high resolution like a 4k display for your ears. Hence it went, with the remainder of the album as if heard for the first time. Each replay revealing another exquisite detail in sound, song composition, or production."
"Again, I experienced the familiar as if I had never heard this track before. The resolution of fine musical details, harmony, and depth of perception was significantly enhanced."

"In closing, if like me, you are using USB to transfer digital files from a hard drive or streamer to a DAC, consider the possibility that a higher level of performance awaits to be unveiled with a jitter reduction device such as the USBe Perfect. On a day to day basis, streaming MQA from Tidal with the USBe Perfect emerges as the ultimate expression of audio arts in this home with this system. Upgrading my analog rig to similar spec would take a considerable investment."

Read the entire review at:

Read the entire review at:

I received the Diamond USB cable and USB Perfect.  I am genuinely impressed. They are marvelous.  Thanks, Ravi

This is by far the best  spent 300.00 ever and it’s not subtle. Lower volume listening much more satisfying. It brings energy - life and weight to the
music.  I have some interesting amps and speakers that makes me excited to hear the USBe now in the chain and how the Sonics manifest in various
combinations. I’ve never switched cables and experienced this level of improvement.  In hi end audio where the Art is so subjective this is one product
I’d be passionate to highly recommend.    Thanks Brother, well done!

The USBe Perfect is a powered USB adapter. It is the best USB implemetation that we have ever heard

Here are some reviews from initial purchaser:

1- Hello Walter, Nothing short of magical in my system, very happy to have bought the USBe perfect.

2- I am not sure what to say, so I will says lots of things.
I majored in Computer Science. I have tinkered with electronics for the last 35 years. I have written code and built infrastructure for large and small enterprises for 25 years.  bits are bits.  
Yet, yes, this thing makes those bits sound better.
I get DAC differences, output stages, all those are pretty obvious how they affect a signal.
But, come on, we aren't talking redbook errors and jitter...USB from bits on a storage device are bits....
I am proven wrong. This is the first time I have tried putting anything other than a cheap USB cable in any of my digital signal paths.  Partially don't believe it. This thing works.
My main headphone DAC is a Schiit Modi Multibit - so USB power is not an issue, as it has (requires) it's own external wall wart. Yet, this thing still cleans it up.

3-"As music lovers get drawn further and further into the ease and benefits of streaming music vis a USB cable to either a stereo or headphones, the need to maximize the clarity of the signal becomes, for audiophiles at least, of paramount importance. We’ve had device created to decrease jitter (such as the AudioQuest JitterBug) that have helped in this regard. Core Technologies has taken their approach a few steps further. In listing the benefits of the USBe Perfect, do keep in mind that all USB devices draw their power from whatever source the USB device/cable is connected to, so, as Core Technologies points out, they built the USBe Perfect with power regeneration built in to help alleviate this problem. It also works seamlessly with USB 2.0 and3.0. It reduces jitter. But it also attacks the twin signal degradations of crosstalk and ISI (inter-symbol interference) that can limit length of the USB cable. Having owned and used the JitterBug to good effect in my systems (both two channel and headphone), I was eager to hear what the (admittedly) bigger and more expensive USBe Perfect could do to the sound of the music I was listening too".

"I’m using a MacBook Pro as a streamer. It’s SSD hard drive contain many of my favorite jazz CD’s. I also use it to stream Tidal MQA. I use Audirvana to handle which music I chose to listen to. I run an AudioQuest Coffee USB cable to the USB input on my Oppo HA-1 headphone amp, or via the Coffee USB to an AudioQuest Red DAC to render Tidal. For headphones, I have Audeze LCD-2C, LCD-1, Focal Elear, AudioQuest NightHawks and NightOwls, and AKG-701. My main stereo uses the same feed, but to a Jeff Rowland Design Group Continuum S2 integrated amp and Magneplaner 1,7i speakers. Most of my listening was done via headphones, with the LCD-2C’s or Focal Elear being the primary devices. But know that what I’ve written below applies equally to playing my music back through my main stereo."

"The USBe Perfect is about two and a half time the height of the JitterBug and a little wider. Like the JitterBug, the USBe Perfect has a female USB output on one end, and a male USB input on the other. I took a fair amount of time to compare both, which simply consisted of me listening to a track, then swapping out the devices one for the other and relistening again. The effects were not subtle."

"I began listening to Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s self-titled album and their version of “Stairway To Heaven.” These two musicians play two acoustic guitars, and with the JitterBug in the chain, the sound was highly enjoyable. But substituting the USBe Perfect for the JitterBug allowed thing to really open up sonically. Suddenly I could not only hear the two guitars playing more clearly in their own acoustic space. Plus, I had a better sense of fingers on strings, and how they excited the cavity of the acoustic guitars. It was an eye (ear) opening experience."

"The USBe Perfect seemed to be equally effective on Tidal MQA tracks as it was on 16/44. When I pulled up Eric Dolphy’s “Out To Lunch” in MQA, again the differences were not hard to hear. Dolphy sounded far more like he was in the room with me when the USBe Perfect was in line. The bass was more present, more woody sounding, and far more defined. And dear lord, what the USBe Perfect did for Bobby Hutcherson’s vibes. They rang with a clarity I’ve seldom heard from streaming music."

"Cuing up Cannonball Adderley’s tune “One For Daddy O”, at the very end of the tune you hear Miles Davis say, “Is that what you wanted Rudy?” With the JitterBug in line, it sounded fine, exactly like I’ve heard it at it’s best. But substituting the USBe Perfect suddenly made the sound of Rudy’s studio that music clearer. I felt more like I was at the session."

"Another example of what the USBe Perfect brought to the table was when I lined up the soundtrack to the movie “Across The Universe” and the song “Let It Be.” On the soundtrack, it’s sung as a gospel tune, with full choir. With the JitterBug, I got the sense of singer and choir quite clearly. With the USBe Perfect installed, I suddenly heard the singer clearly standing well in front of the choir, and I could better make out individual voices of the choir. Plus, I got a better sense of space."

"Finally, I pulled up Marcus Miller’s version of the Billy Cobham tune “Red Baron.” With the USBe Perfect, I heard more of the purr of Miller’s electric bass. And that bass was a cleaner, clearer, more realistic instrument, and with plenty of added texture to each note."

"After going back and forth between the AudioQuest Jitterbug and the Core Technologies USBe Perfect, it was easy to reach a conclusion that from this point on, for all my streaming or USB audio needs, the USBe Perfect has simply got to be in the chain if I want to hear the music I’m listening to at its best. To quote that old audiophile analogy, its as if the USBe Perfect wiped a layer or three of haze from the window that separated me from the live musical events. The USBe Perfect comes far closer to living up to its name (perfect) than anything I’ve heard in my system to date. Congratulations are in order to the good folks at Core Technologies for realizing worked needed to be done to make USB listening a pleasurable pursuit, and created the USBe Perfect to move us further on down the road toward that ever elusive goal of recreating the live event in our listening rooms. While the Jitterbug is good at what it does, the USBe Perfect moves us that much closer to the endzone. If you’re a streamer, you really need to hear what the USBe Perfect can do for your listening time."

Naked board shown above. Unit ships in a nice metal case as above

Prepare To Be Amazed

The following plots show the input and output of typical implementation based on USBe Perfect with a USB 3.0 Type A connector and a Std. USB3.0 3m long cable.

Note the greatly improved Eye Mask indicating a more complete signal transmission & lower bit error rate on the right photo.

The USBe Perfect is designed to minimize signal degradation effects such as crosstalk and inter-symbol interference (ISI) that limits the interconnect distance between two devices.

In Short – If You Are Using USB In Your System – You Want One:

o Power Regeneration BUILT IN

o Integrates seamlessly for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Protocols

o Vastly lowers Jitter

o The USBe Perfect is designed to minimize signal degradation effects such as crosstalk and inter-symbol interference (ISI) that limits the interconnect distance between two devices.

o The input stage of each channel offers selectable equalization (optimization) settings that can be programmed to match loss in the channel. We have optimized this for USB Cables of 1 to 3 meters.

o The differential outputs provide selectable de-emphasis (again programmed for 1 to 3 meters) to compensate for the increased error rates & distortion that USB 3.0 signals experience.

o The level of de-emphasis depends on the length of interconnect and its characteristics. Longer lengths are easily handled

o 2-year warranty

Call us at 770-667-5633 to order now

Here is a beta testers feedback:

"Hello sir I did some a/b testing listening to the same tracks with and without the unit It definitively improves the signal coming out of my already very good innuos renderer The music has better pace, sounds easier flowing, with even more body without sounding too sirupy Soundstage is more focus and the base is definitively more powerful and controlled What else can anyone ask Fantastic piece."

"Man this thing just keeps getting better. My system sounds amazing It has gotten more dynamic and detailed"

$499.00 without a USB cable (One is required, yours or one of ours)
$599.00 with one $199.00 1m Silver USB cable          
$799.00 with one 1m $499.00 Diamond USB cable