Decco2, iDecco and Nova

Peachtree DeccoThe following details the Level-1 preamp mod to the Peachtree Decco2, iDecco and Nova. This improves the units when used as a preamp, preamp/DAC and integrated amp [Retrofit to Decco2, iDecco or Nova $850 + frt]

Level 1:
Peachtree Decco

  • 1 x sheet of SoundCoat chassis damping material cut and applied where applicable. 
  • 2 feet of DH Labs 23-gauge Revelation Series pure 99.999% silver solid core input signal wire with Teflon tape-wrap dielectric.
  • 1 foot of Kimber TCSS 19-gauge Black Varistrand hookup wire with Teflon dielectric. 
  • 1 pair of premium Vampire direct gold-plated-over-copper-body RCA female jacks for preamp output. 
  • 6 x Takman Japanese precision carbon film ½ watt signal resistors with 1% OFHC leads . 
  • 3 x Nichicon FW audio-grade main power supply electrolytic capacitors. 
  • 2 x Auricap 2.0uf 200V metalized polypropylene input series coupling caps with Auric lead-out wires. 
  • 1 x dual SMT-style Analog Device AD8620 op amp for analog input buffer stage.
  • 1 x Reflektor mil-spec ultra low noise 6H23p-eb super 6922 tube of 1980’s vintage. 
  • 1 x Azuma precision glazed ceramic 9-pin PCB-mount tube socket with gold-plated phosphor bronze pins.   
  • 4 x EAR large compliant sorbothane isolation feet. 
  • 10 feet WBT solder used throughout . 
  • 5.5 hours labor 

 Warranty is one year on all mod work performed and 90 days parts & labor on the entire new amp. We offer a 1-year warranty on mod work only on after-market modifications.

Sonic improvements with the Level-1 modification package are:
Peachtree DeccoWe improve the midrange and make the unit sound more liquid and tube like. The Level-1 unit now sounds more like a tube amp and less like a hybrid. This was the major goal of Level-1 and we think that we have accomplished our design parameter.

  • Imaging is more focused while the entire soundstage is both deeper and wider.
  • Transparency is improved over the stock unit and you now get a cleaner look into the musical soundstage.
  • Dynamics are improved. It's as though the amp gained in power. The stock unit's real forte is its overall even top-to-bottom performance. The Level-1 adds dynamics and better pace. It seems to play louder on peaks. There is more excitement in the music.
  • The unit is quieter, the silences are blacker to resolve more low-level detail and superior 3D ambience.
  • Bass response is improved. Both bass depth and midbass slam are better than the stock amp.

The Level-1 modified Peachtree units are much improved and a wonderful front end to build a reasonably priced high-resolution system around. Add a big power amp in the future and the results can be amazing for the money. Used as an integrated amp with DAC, you will be shocked by the quality.

The Level-2 mods to the Decco, iDecco and Nova upgrade the DAC section and are in addition to the Level-1 preamp mods. The Level-2 mods include all the Level-1 mods plus ($1,180 + frt. retrofit): 

  • 2 x Rel-Cap TFT teflon film & tin foil input coupling bypass capacitors. 
  • 2 x dual vertical-adaptor Burr-Brown OPA-627 opamp modules for the analog input buffer stage and amp driver stage ... or 
  • WBT silver RCAs [adds $140]
  • 6.5 hours total labor 
... 1 x dual Burson discrete opamp with 82 discrete parts in place of the Burr Brown 627 [adds $250]
We offer a 1-year warranty on mod work only on after-market modifications.

Benefits of the Level-2 mod are:
  • The units are more detailed with better resolution. 
  • Midrange is improved. 
  • Bass dynamics are improved. 
  • Highs are silkier. 
  • Imaging and soundstaging are better.