Maverick CD/SACD player Music Hall Maverick CD/SACD player Level-1 mod - $1,990 + shipping ($900 retro-fit)

This player is the Shanling T-200 without its cosmetics and tube output/headphone stage (temporary image from our HE2003 snap shot book).

Our Level-1 mod installs

  • Power Supply: 8 Ultra-fast, soft recovery Hexfred International Rectifier and Fred Vishay-Telefunken diodes.
  • 8 BlackGate FK and N Series electrolytic capacitors.
  • 3 Auricap Metallized polypropylene power supply bypass capacitors.
  • Solid-State Stage: 18 Riken Ohm Japanese 0.5-watt Carbon Comp signal path resistors with gold-plated leads
  • 4 BlackGate FK Series electrolytic output coupling capacitors
  • 2 .022uf 200V Rel-Cap Teflon output coupling bypass caps
  • 10 Rel-Cap RTE 2% radial-lead polystyrene signal caps (square case, epoxy encapsulated)
  • 2 custom-made adaptor PC boards for 'ultra high performance' Burr-Brown OPA627 op amps as the main output buffers.
  • DH Labs 99.99% pure silver Teflon tape wrap (Air Matrix style) jacketed solid-core output wire
  • Miscellaneous: 2 sheets of SoundCoat dampening material are applied to the internal chassis
  • WBT 4% silver-content solder for all parts upgrades
  • 4 EAR compliant sorbothane feet
  • 5 hours labor

Sonic benefits of our Level-1 mod:

  • This player is now much smoother, with a far more liquid midrange, the solid state glare replaced with a neutral presentation that isn't tubes but much closer to what a tube player can offer. This alone makes the mod well worth the price. But there's more.
  • The unit's noise floor is lower, the black of silences is blacker to resolve more low level detail and ambience retrieval.
  • The unit is more dynamic, micro dynamic contrasts much improved. Highs seem to go on forever and there is much more air in the presentation.
  • Transparency is improved and you can now look farther into the soundstage.
  • Images are sized better and more focused. Stage width and depth improve.
  • Bass slam and extension are dramatically improved, with fuller weight and new authority in the critical mid-bass region. The Maverick SACD player now competes with much more expensive players in this important area

The 12-month Music Hall factory warranty is honored on these modified players.