Music Hall Mambo The Music Hall Mambo is a beautiful 50wpc pure Class A integrated amp. It is quite unique in that it includes a high- quality upsampling 24bit/96kHz Burr-Brown D/A converter. Plug your current CD player in and upgrade your entire system. The stock unit was very good and a great value for only $1300. The unit was built like a tank. We were so impressed with the stock unit that we decided to do a full-blown mod. We wanted to make it truly great.
There are over 90 upgraded parts and 10 hours of labor in the Level-2 amp/preamp mod. The results are extraordinary. The Level-2 mod is $1600.00 to your amplifier as the Mambo is now discontinued. It will still compete with most solid state integrated amps that we know of for double its price.

Music Hall Mambo Integrated Level-2 mod - ($1600 + freight to your amp)

  • We replace the current $2.50 Burr-Brown 2604 dual op amps in the preamp section with two adapter PCBs allowing the use of the worlds finest op amp, the Burr-Brown OPA-627 single surface-mount. These boards sell for $70.00 each if purchased separately.
  • Two REL-CAP Teflon TFT bypass caps for amp section's input coupling cap.
  • Two .22uf Auricap metalized polypropylene power supply bypass caps
  • Twelve upgraded electrolytic caps for both the amps power supply and feedback loop in critical coupling cap positions.
  • 46 Japanese RIKEN ½ and 1 watt signal path carbon composition resistors with gold-plated leads
  • Three feet of DH LABS Revelation series pure 99.999% silver solid core input signal wire with Teflon tape-wrap dielectric (replacing internal connectorized interconnect between preamp/DAC and power amp)
  • One pair of premium Vampire direct -old-plated-over-copper body RCA female jacks (plus, elimination of internal RCA plugs/sockets between preamp/DAC section and power amp)
  • Four WBT 0763 single output binding posts
  • Four International Rectifier Hexfred ultra-fast soft recovery diodes
  • Four EAR large Sorbothane isolation feet
  • Two sheets of SoundCoat chassis damping material cut & applied where applicable
  • TRT WonderSolder is used throughout
  • 10 hours labor

The 12-month Music Hall factory warranty is honored on these modified amps.

Sonic benefits of our Level-2 mod:

  • We improve the midrange and make the unit more liquid and tube-like. This was a major design goal of the mod and we think that we have accomplished the task. The stock unit is good while the modified unit is great in the midrange.
  • Imaging is more focused while the entire soundstage is both deeper and wider.
  • The amp is quieter, the silences are blacker, thus resolving more low-level detail with better ambience retrieval and much more three-dimensional renditions.
  • Transparency is dramatically improved. You get a cleaner look into the musical soundstage.
  • Dynamics and pace are greatly improved. It's like the amp gains more power. The stock unit is rated at 50 watts. The modified unit seems to play like a 100-watt amp.
  • Bass extension and mid-bass slam are much improved.
  • Treble detail, both micro and macro, is improved and now keeps up with any stock units that we have heard at 2 to 3 times its price.

With its built-in D/A converter, the Level-2 Mambo is a killer package that will make a wonderful center to any reasonably priced high-end system.

We also have a dedicated mod for the DAC section that runs $550 if done during the amp mod, $650 by itself.