A15.2 The A15.2 integrated amp is rated at 75wpc but actually puts out 90 and is a high value full-featured remote controlled integrated amp. It even comes with a pretty good phono stage. It has a front panel mini plug to run an iPod and is voltage switchable to ship internationally. The modification is covered by the Music Hall factory warranty.

Features are: 75 watt/ch amplifier, ultra low noise preamplifier section, brushed aluminum face plate, gold-plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts, 5 x analog stereo gold-plated inputs, 1 x fixed line out, moving-magnet phono input, headphone output, special padded vibration damping feet, powerful high-current toroidal power transformer, 3.5mm front panel mini plug input, power saving standby operation, voltage switchable, removable power cord, system remote control

Our Level-1 mod takes this amp to the next level and makes it a wonderful under $900 fully modified integrated amp that will drive most speakers. It is a great basis for a quality reasonably priced system.

The following details out Level-1 mod [$500 + frt. retrofit,  add $70 to convert the fixed output to variable to drive a subwoofer]:

  • 1 x dual configured SMT-style Burr-Brown OPA-627 op amp on a custom adapter module replaces and upgrades the inexpensive opamp in the stock design. This dramatically upgrades the preamp stage. 
  • 4 x Japanese-made Takman Rey Series 1% metal film audio-grade ultra-low noise signal path resistors are added to the unit’s preamp stage.
  • 4 x Nichicon ES series non-polar audio-grade electrolytic coupling capacitors are added in the unit’s preamp stage. hese are super low ESL & ESR.
  • 4 x EAR large compliant Sorbothane isolation feet help damp external feedback. 
  • 2 x sheets of SoundCoat damping material are added to dramatically reduce chassis resonances
  • 10 x f eet of WBT Solder is used throughout 
  • 3 hours labor 

The modified amp is warmer in the midrange. Bass is more dynamic with better extension and slam. Highs are smoother and more extended. Imaging is also improved as it is wider and deeper.

Compare this modified amp with anything under $1500 and you will be very surprised at how good it is.