MMF-CD25 backMusic Hall MMF-CD25 Level-1 mod - $400 retro-fit + shipping
  • Our Level-1 mod installs
  • two sheets of Soundcoat inside the chassis
  • 4 EAR compliant Sorbothane isolation footers
  • 1 pair of Vampire OFC copper body, gold-plated RCA jacks
  • 2' of DH LABS pure silver, Teflon dielectric output wire
  • 10 x Japanese Riken Ohm 0.5-watt Carbon resistors with gold-plated leads in signal path
  • 8 x Black Gate Standard N- and C-grade electrolytic capacitors around the coupling caps and power supply
  • 2 x Multicap PPMFX-grade, metallized polypropylene capacitors in the signal path
  • 8 x SF4007 Vishay-Telefunken diodes added to bias supply
  • 2 x OPA-2134 to replace the stock OPA-2604.
  • TRT Wonder silver solder throughout.
factory warrantyThe 12-month Music Hall factory warranty is honored on these modified players. Click here for stock specs. Click here for reviews.

Music Hall MMF-CD25 Level-1+ mod - $530 retro-fit + shipping

Our Level-1+ mod adds
  • custom OPA-627 adaptor boards to replace the Level 1 OPA-2134.
To upgrade a Level-1 to a Level-1+ requires a pair of custom OPA-627 adaptor boards ($170 + $10 labor).

Music Hall MMF-CD25 LC Audio clock upgrade: Add $480 including the required power supply to run the clock