Marantz SA7S1 We have been asked many times to design a mod for the Marantz SA7S1 player. The SA7S1 is a world-class player and the best stock player that we currently sell. Our modifications were designed by Chris Johnson, the founder and former president of Sonic Frontiers. Our modified version takes this superb player and makes it a good bit better. We add over 100 parts in critical areas of the player. The modified player is faster, more dynamic, has better bass control, more extended high frequencies and images better.

The following details our Level-1 modifications for the Marantz SA-7S1 CD/SACD player [$1,950 + frt. retrofit]:

  • One pair of premium machined Vampire direct gold plated over copper body Teflon insulated RCA female output jacks replace the cheap stamped jack modules on the stock player.
  • 28 x Black Gate STD, FK, N and PK-grade power supply and output coupling capacitors replace the stock caps
  • 4 x Rel-Cap Teflon TFT film and foil bypass coupling caps for the main B-G output caps.
  • 8 x 1% Polystyrene film and foil capacitors are added in the analog filter
  • 24 x Riken Ohm ½ and one watt signal path 1% carbon comp. resistors with gold-plated leads are added
  • 28 x Audio Note ½ watt signal path 1% Tantalum Film (exotic) resistors are added.
  • 8 x Telefunken SF4007 Ultra-Fast Soft-Recovery Diodes are used to replace and rebuild bridge rectifiers in sonically critical power supply positions.
  • Installation of 4 large EAR brand Sorbothane isolation feet with new mounting hardware
  • 2 sheets of SoundCoat chassis damping material cut and applied where applicable to control chassis resonances
  • 1 sheet of ERS EMI/RFI suppression cloth
  • 6 pieces DH Labs 99.999% pure solid-core long-grained silver output signal wires with foamed Teflon tape wrap dielectric;
  • 4 pieces Kimber TCSS stranded OFC-Copper, Teflon-insulated ground wire for output connectors
  • WBT high silver content (4%) solder used throughout
  • 9 hours labor
  • We offer a one year warranty on all mod work.