Jolida JD-1000P
We now have a modification to the Jolida JD-1000P power amplifier. This basic EL34 tube amp is an upgrade to the amp section in the JD-1000RC integrated. It adds ultra-fast Hexfreds to the power supply as well as other custom Jolida parts. It also has a set of balanced inputs as well as RCA ins. We really like the stock unit. There are 4 EL34 per channel to produce the rich warm sonics EL3s are famous for. We can also order the amp with 6550/KT88. In this configuration it makes 120 watts per side and has the tighter more controlled bass of the 6550/KT88 along with additional detail and better linearity.

The 1000P has both XLR and RCA inputs to work with any preamp. It uses custom-wound audio transformers with a German grain- oriented silicon steel core. This is a 15th-generation proprietary Jolida design. The secondary can be configured for a 4-ohm or 8-ohm speaker load. Amplifier gain is 20dB. The EZ bias system uses LEDs so no meter is required. Our Level-2 mod takes this amp to the next level allowing it to compete with the big boys that play in the $4,000 - $5,000 league.

In the JD-1000P Level-2 mod we do the following [retrofit $1,250 + frt to your amp]:

  • Add 4 x polypropylene power supply bypass caps
  • 8 x Multicap PPFXS signal path polypropylene film and tin-foil coupling capacitors
  • 5 x Auricap metalized polypropylene power supply bypass capacitors 
  • 36 x Japanese Riken ½ and 1-watt signal-path carbon resistors with gold-plated leads
  • 6 feet of Cardas 1 x 21.5-gauge coaxial shielded input signal wire 
  • 4 x large EAR Sorbothane isolation feet
  • 2 x sheet of SoundCoat chassis damping material cut and applied where needed 
  • Replace the stock Jolida input/driver tubes with 2 x Russian Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 and 2 x 12AT7
  • 1 x SF4007 Vishay-Telefunken diode to the bias supply for stability
  • TRT WonderSolder throughout 
  • 7 hours labor for the mod

Sonic changes of the Level-2 mod to the JD-1000P:

  • The amp is quieter, the silences are blacker to resolve more low-level detail, ambiance and three dimensionality.
  • It is much more detailed while also more dynamic. It seems to play louder while keeping that beautiful EL34 midrange liquidity.
  • Tonal balance is more even from lows to highs in addition to the amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine.
  • Imaging is better and more defined while bass is dramatically improved. It has full weight and authority, not typical EL34 looser 'one note' bass. It sounds much more like solid-state in this area.

This is a big powerful tube amp that will run virtually any speaker that you might have. I have even seen it do a great job on the big $20k MBLs that say they need 300 watts to sound good. I know of no other high power tube amp in the under $5000-$6000 price range that will do what the modified JD-1000P is capable of.

We offer a 1-year warranty on modification for retrofits.