JD302B Level-1 mod [$750 retro-fit to your amp] and JD-302CRC [$750 retro-fit to your amp] - this model adds remote control, XLR inputs, HT bypass, EZ bias and a front panel mini plug input. For either version our Level-1 mod installs:
JD302B Level-1 mod

  • four large EAR brand sorbothane isolation feet 
  • two sheets of SoundCoat 
  • Russian Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 (2) and 12AT7 (2) 
  • 4 x polypropylene power supply bypass caps 
  • 6 x Multicap PPFXS "signal path" polypropylene film and tin-foil coupling capacitors 
  • 24 x Japanese Riken 0.5 and 1-watt "signal path" carbon resistors with gold-plated leads 
  • 4 x Holco H2 (1-watt) non-magnetic metal film resistors for the phase splitter plate 
  • 4 x Hexfred ultra-fast, soft-recovery, high voltage power supply rectifier diodes 
  • 1 x SF4007 Vishay-Telefunken bias supply diode 
  • plus, we add a very high-quality Japanese TKD volume control 
  • We use TRT silver WonderSolder used throughout. 
  • Jolida's 18-month factory warranty extends to our modified amps. Click here for stock specs

Sonic benefits of our Level-1 mod:

  • Greatly improved signal-to-noise ratio. The silences are blacker for enhanced low level detail, ambience retrieval & three-dimensionality. 
  • The amp is smoother, more detailed and more dynamic. It seems to play louder. 
  • Tonal balance is more even from bass through treble, with further gains in the amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine. 
  • Imaging is crisper and more defined while the bass quality is dramatically improved, gaining weight and authority whlle transcending "one note" bass. to sound more like solid-state in this area