JD-300B Level-2 mod

JD300B Level-2 mod - [$3,290 + shipping, $1,500 retro-fit] - 

Our Level-2 mod installs :
JD300B Level-2 mod

  • Replacement of the stock input/driver tubes with premium new-old stock Mullard ECC83/12AX7s and NOS mil-spec Mullard CV4003/ 12AU7s designed for 10,000 hour operation - these tubes are ultra low noise with ultra low microphonics 
  • Replacement of the stock Chinese 300B output tubes with premium Russian-made Electro-Harmonix "Gold Grid" ceramic-based 300Bs 
  • Two Rel-Cap TFT Teflon and tin-foil input coupling capacitors 
  • Six Auricap metalized polypropylene coupling and interstage capacitors 
  • Twenty Audio Note Tantalum ½ and 1 watt signal path resistors 
  • One pair of premium Vampire direct gold plated over copper body RCA female jacks 
  • Four WBT 0763 single output binding posts 
  • Eight ultra-fast soft recovery International Rectifier Hexfred diodes 
  • Four Vishay-Telefunken SF4007 ultra-fast soft recovery diodes to rebuild an existing bridge rectifier 
  • Three Black Gate power supply electrolytic capacitors 
  • Two feet of DH Labs Revelation Series pure 99.999% silver solid core input signal wire with Teflon tape-wrap dielectric 
  • Four feet of Cardas 1 x 21 gauge shielded coaxial input wire 
  • Two sheets of Soundcoat chassis damping material cut & applied where applicable 
  • Four EAR large Sorbothane isolation feet to reduce vibration 
  • WBT 4% silver solder used throughout 
  • 8 hours labor 
  • Jolida's 18-month factory warranty extends to our modified amps. Click here for stock specs.

Sonic benefits of our Level-2 mod:

  • The entire character of the amp is changed. It has more power with the upgraded tubes and more pace and rhythm. Detail is improved and the frequency extremes are dramatically exploded. 
  • The upgraded parts make it quieter, the blacks are blacker which resolves more low-level detail and ambiance. 
  • Soundstaging is improved and imaging more defined, as well as both deeper and wider and with better 3-dimensional layering 
  • The amp is far more dynamic han before, bass has more slam, authority and weight. It goes lower and there is more midbass impact. The bass is no longer flubby "one-note" bass but now sounds more like solid-state in this area 
  • Tonal balance is more even from lows to highs while refining the already amazingly liquid midrange of the stock machine. It now has excellent highs and bass to match the 300B's seductive midband.