Our design goal was to take this $2,300 amp and make it as good as the competition that sells for up to $8000. Price for the mod was not the issue, performance the only goal. We use only the very best of parts and the end result is an amazing remote-controlled 300B integrated amp that you have to hear to believe. Quoting from its first review, we learn:

"... Surveying the scene of 300B amps I know about, the Jolida JD300B Level-2 is clearly fabulous value considering its build quality, functionality and extremely low self-noise. Its resolving power should be well suited for the kind of financially matched front-ends that are likely to become its mates.
The very non-finnicky, wide-angle remote worked flawlessly. Its inclusion predicts far more open doors for this affable 300B integrated than were this feature missing. It has, after all and rightly so, become nearly de rigeur in the real world. Listeners who sympathize with my expressed sonic biases are advised to experiment with intrinsically fast and neutral -- or even slightly lean -- cables. They'll balance against the amp's obvious body and density. Those listeners who adore 300Bs for what they do with such particular panache will love the Jolida as is. Because of its numerous inputs, you can build a rather complex system around it...

In the $2.5 - 3.5K range, the options for integrateds are larger than ever, both for solid-state and tubes. But as soon as you narrow down the tube choices to 300Bs, things get rather skinny. Demand remote control to boot and they become outright barren. If this budget range is you as is a lustful Jones for this 'king of triodes', today's custom-modified Jolida -- or perhaps even its stock version -- finally give you something to play with. And once you have played with it, you might call it exactly what you had been looking for all along..."

Srajan Ebaen, February 2004, 6moons.com