Jolida JD-402 tube tuner modification Jolida JD-402 Level-1 mod [$590 retrofit]

Our Level-1 mod installs

  • 4 x small EAR brand compliant Sorbothane isolation feet 
  • 2 sheets of SoundCoat chassis damping material 
  • 3 feet of DH Labs 23-gaugepure 99.999% silver signal wirewith foamed Teflon tape-wrap dielectric 
  • 2 x Auricap signal path metalized polypropylene coupling capacitors 
  • 3 x Soeln feedback coupling and power supply decoupling metalized polypropylene film capacitors 
  • 12 x Kiwame brand carbon-film 0.5 and 1-watt signal path resistors 
  • TRT WonderSolder used throughout 
  • 3.5 hours labor

The Level-2 mod adds the following to the Level-1 mod:
a) 1 Matched Pair of Mullard CV4024 “super” 12AT7 tubes; 1 matched pair of Svetlana nickel-plate WA type 12AX7 tubes
b)  Four IRF HEXFRED soft-recovery ultra-fast diodes; Six Vishay-Telefunken soft recover ultra-fast diodes
c) Two upgraded
Nichicon/elna power supply electrolytic capacitors
d) 5  hours labor

Compared to the Level-1 the Level-2 is more dynamic, has more liquid midrange and is overall a little better in almost all areas.

The Level-2 mod is $880.00 to machines already in the field.