MiniMax CDP Level-2 mod

Our Level-2 mod takes this player to yet another level and adds another 30% of performance over the Level-1. The bass is better, dynamics are improved and transparency is enhanced.

MiniMax CDP Level-2 mod - $950 + frt to your machine

The following details describe our Level-2 mod:
MiniMax CDP Level-2 mod

  • We use 1 pair of WBT NextGen pure silver RCA output jacks
  • We add 2 additional Black Gate VK series 150uf 350V power supply caps
  • We add 2 Rel-Cap TFT Teflon film and tin foil bypass coupling capacitors
  • We upgrade the opamps to the Burr-Brown OPA627AU surface mount op amps with adapter PCBs in the I-V position The 627 is the world's best- sounding audio op amp.
  • We upgrade the tubes to one pair of NOS Mullard ECC88 vacuum tubes. 
  • We offer a 90 days parts/labor warranty on the mod.