MiniMax CDP Level-1 mod

MiniMax CDP Level-1 mod - $650 + frt retro-fit to your player

The following details describe our Level-1 mod:
MiniMax CDP Level-1 mod

  • Eight ultra-fast soft recovery International Rectifier Hexfred and Telefunken Fred diodes are added to the power supply. 
  • Two Black Gate standard-grade electrolytic capacitors are added to the I-V power supply position. 
  • We add one sheet of Soundcoat dampening material to the internal chassis 
  • Four Ear compliant Sorbothane isolation feet are added to the bottom to damp external resonances. 
  • One pair of Vampire OFC copper body, gold-plated RCA output jacks are added to the rear for better signal transfer. 
  • 8 Riken Ohm 0.5, 1 and 2 watt resistors with gold-plated leads are run in the signal path. 
  • Two Auricap metallized polypropylene output signal coupling capacitors are installed. 
  • Four polystyrene capacitors are added to the I-V and feedback positions. 
  • Two Analog Devices AD825 surface-mount op amps are mounted to adapter pcbs and used in the I-V position replacing the $3.00 op amps of the stock unit. 
  • One pair of Electro-Harmonix gold-pin 6922s replace the stock tubes. 
  • We use two feet of DH Labs pure silver Teflon dielectric hookup wire. 
  • WBT silver solder is used throughout the mod. 
  • We spend 5 hours labor to perform the mod. 
  • We offer a 90 days parts/labor warranty on the mod. 

Sonic changes of our Level-1 mod

  • The unit is quieter, the blacks are blacker, thus resolving more low-level detail and ambiance. 
  • Transparency is much improved and you can now look farther into the soundstage. 
  • It has a more liquid midrange and the presentation is more neutral from top to bottom. 
  • There is more inner detail and the unit is more dynamic. 
  • Images are better sized and defined. 
  • Stage width and depth are both improved. 
  • Bass slam and extension are dramatically improved and offer fuller weight and authority. The player now competes with very expensive machines at the frequency extremes.