Level-2 modification

The following details the Level-2 modification [$1.100 + freight retrofit, $1990 + freight preinstalled]:


  • We replace the inexpensive monolithic opamp with one dual Burson Audio discrete op-amp module (2 modules on one board) on custom circuit board assemblies terminated with DIP-spaced flying leads. There are over 68 parts per module.
  • 2 x Mundorf M-Cap metalized polypropylene output coupling caps 
  • 3 x Russian E-H 12AX7 tubes
  • 10 x Black-Gate C, FK and N-Series electrolytic caps + 2 x Nichicon KZ Muse PS caps 
  • 9 x Takman Japanese-made audio-grade carbon film 1% signal resistors and 2 x audio-grade PRP 1% metal film resistors