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Now Selling Wharfedale speakers

Acoustic Technologies speaker deal
Save 70%

 We have bought a closeout on the Acoustic Technologies Classic speaker. This $2450.00 pair of speakers was a 2-year design project. The company designer finished the speaker & the passed away suddenly. We have bought the inventory from the family.
The Classic speakers are optimized in both the frequency and time domains. Using a single wide band driver properly sized to allow for all sufficient musical cues, he introduced a new technology to coherently present lower frequency information produced by the driver. This new technology uses a proprietary cabinet design to acoustically amplify the lower frequencies produced by the driver much in the manner that musical instruments do. They use solid silver internal wiring with Cardas CCGGL gold plated binding posts.

These speakers are great with small power tube amps like out VT-70 as well as 300B amps and other smaller high quality tube & solid state amplifiers.

 Realistic 3D sound staging / No “sweet spot” / Small profile /Low power consumption

Type: Full range, single-driver loudspeaker       Driver: 3” w/ titanium cone
Crossover/Filter: None   Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms  Rated Power 15 Watts-30 watts
Dimensions: 43.25"h x 6.25"w x 9.75"d    Net weight: 35 lbs. per speaker

Available Finishes: Mahogany Red Satin     Warranty: Two year driver warranty

MSRP: $2,450.00
Closeout sale
$749.00 pair delivered

Mofi Turntable deal

Dust Cover & $800.00 Master Tracker cartridge included

Take a fine $1,499.00 US made turntable. Add the excellent $800.00 Master Tracker cartridge and package it at $1999.00. Now put it on sale at $1,299.00 for a superb Underwood deal.

StudioDeck produces high-caliber sound at a value price. Designed in collaboration with some of the world's finest audio designers, StudioDeck features an incredible amount of ingenuity and technology usually reserved for much more expensive products.

Custom developed and manufactured in the USA, the 10-inch straight aluminum gimbaled bearing tonearm delivers the ideal balanced of rigidity and low tracking error, so all you hear is what is in the grooves. Tweak to your heart's delight with provisions for adjustable tracking force, VTA, azimuth, and anti-skate.

The 300 RPM stepped-pulley AC motor provides excellent speed stability for pitch accuracy and rhythmic drive. The Delrin® pulley has two positions for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speed selection. Motor vibrations are kept away from the platter and stylus by using advanced dampening materials that decouple the motor from the rest of the turntable. StudioDeck features CONSTRAINED LAYER DAMPENING. An aluminum plate carefully bonded to an MDF body to add mass and eliminate tonal coloration, maintaining the true sound found on the record.

The Studio Deck also features Anti-Vibration feet by HRS, a 3/4 inch 3.8 pound Deltin platter and hardened-steel inverted bearing system for smooth, quiet rotational stability.

List $1999.00

Sale $1,199.00 delivered
Other versions from $849.00



M-One 100 closeout

Save $3,200.00 on a superb 100wpc integrated amp

with phono stage and excellent DAC


Available in black or silver


Superb sound quality that is untouched at this price

100wpc /200wpc @ 4 ohms

A/B amplifier with remote control

RCA & XLR input

Headphone out

MM/MC phono stage

Very good AKM DAC w/ USB, coax, opt AES & I2S

Add the $1250.00 room correction for only $399.00


Herb Reichert in Stereophile said:


"The Micromega M-One has more features than any of those silver-age contraptions, but to my eye, it is the purest, most high-design-beautiful audio machine on the planet. And, of course, it's made in France."

"Inside that sleek, cut-from-a-single-block-of-aluminum Zen box you'll find a music-streaming device with a 100Wpc amplifier output and a full menu of connections including: balanced and unbalanced analog inputs; Bluetooth aptX; LAN-Network 24-bit/384kHz asynchronous; SPDIF Coax-Optical-AES 24-bit /768kHz USB asynchronous passing DXD, DSD, DOP; and DSP with automatic room correction (M.A.R.S).

If that is not enough, you can add an MM/MC phono stage and/or a Binaural headphone converter. Look again at the M-One's sleek beauty. The base model costs $4999 and it comes in black or silver on this deal


List $4,999.00

Sale $1,799.00

Limited quantity

We love this amp but the streaming is poor. Ask us about other music streaming options from $499.00 or stream from your computer

Remote Integrated tube amp Intro priced
Save $100.00
All hybrid point to point wiring and beautiful design

Our new LSA VT-70 is a typical Underwood/LSA value
It is a beautiful 35wpc remote integrated EL-34 based amp.
It has 3 inputs, a subwoofer output and nice headphone amp. The meters work for both biasing as well as power output. It can also handle KT88/6550 tubes. It is hand built with hybrid point to point wiring. The VT-70 will drive most speakers to satisfying levels & sonically competes with most $2500.00 tubes amps
In the first review in Tone Audio they sum with:
"The LSA VT70 is the perfect amp at the perfect price, whether investigating high - performance audio for the first time, taking your first spin with a tube amplifier, or perhaps looking for a great second system.
It’s musically satisfying, aesthetically pleasing, and gets the job done."
Highly recommended.
Internet Direct List $1399.00
Sale $1,299.00 + freight

Musical Fidelity Amp/CDP deals
Encore 225
$6000.00 225wpc integrated amp with 
$1500.00 CDP

SAVE $3,500.00

The Musical Fidelity Encore 225 is perfect for anyone who wants to combine the incredible power, realism and emotional involvement of the $3000.00 M6si amplifier with a high-quality M3 CD player built in.
The Encore 225 is easy and intuitive to use. It has 225 watts per channel and a huge range of facilities. It features excellent build-quality that Musical Fidelity is known for. The plethora of input and output options are there to make the Encore a mainstay in your music system.
Web radio Tidal and Spotify Connect are built in to get you started with the basics.

Full color display with hardware front panel buttons
The Encore can be comfortably controlled via your phone or mobile device.
The diverse control options and the ability to fully control the Encore on the front panel make it future-proof, so that in 20 years, when the digital infrastructure will be completely different from today, your Encore will continue to play music like on day one.
State of the art 225wpc integrated amplifier with 3 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs
M6si hardware built-in /M3 CD Player
Large, high resolution, full color display allows easy and intuitive control
Full control via front-panel hardware buttons, IR remote, Apps and web-interface
Black & silver available

List $5,999.00

Sale $2,499.00 delivered

The amp is amazing but the streamer is older and not upgradable. We sell the M6i integrated amp for more than this by itself without the $1500.00 CD Player with internal hard drive. This is an  amazing value at this deal.  Just hook your computer or external streamer to it for a complete solution.

LSA Warp 1 amp deal
Our state of the art 150 watts/ch. power amp
Five great reviews out already

Our new Discovery Warp 1, 150wpc stereo amp is the sonic class leader at its price point. It outputs 250 watts at 4-ohms and is 2-ohm stable as well. We designed this amp to compete with some well-regarded $3000.00 competition and are incredibly happy with the results

Headphone.guru said: "The LSA Discovery Warp 1 Stereo Amp, simply put, is the best sounding Class-D amplifier I have ever heard. With its musicality, power, linearity, abyssal noise floor, exciting dynamic range, and excellent three dimensional soundstage it is one of the best if not the best, amplifiers in its price range full stop."  Gary Alan Barker – Editor, HiFiAudio.guru / Nov. 2021

Tone Audio said: “Consider my attitude changed. The LSA Warp One is a great amp, period. Class D has matured, and very well I might add. For $1,195, we’re definitely awarding this baby an Exceptional Value Award. Job well done.”

In the new StereoTimes review they say: "What the Warp 1 does for its mere $1199 is extraordinary, delivering weight and dynamics in a musically satisfying way that defies its price category." “The Warp 1 is as engaging as it is affordable, an amp that offers a surprising amount of air, ease, and musicality for extending listening enjoyment."

List $1499.00
$1199.00 delivered

Pro-ject Phono Box DS2 USB
Phono stage with USB copy capability

Excellent 2 turntable MM/MC phono stage that can be used as a standard phono stage or to burn your records or any other analog source to a hard drive.

Phono Box DS2 USB illustrates just how important the phono section can be in getting the most from your vinyl. This is a sophisticated phono stage based on a high-end passive/active ultra-linear phono equalization. MM and MC capability as well as ‘on-the-fly’ impedance adjustment and multiple capacitance settings make this a feature-rich, sound-first design. The two phono inputs and input selector allow enthusiasts to toggle between two turntable/cartridge combos with the push of a button. It has easy front panel on the fly gain and loading options.

For the USB model, a low-noise, jitter-free A/D converter is used to convert the analog signal to a high-resolution digital format (PCM up to 192kHz or DSD 128). Via the USB output, it’s easier than ever to record your vinyl to digital. There is also an analog line-in to record other analog sources. Phono Box DS2 USB is housed in a chassis made of 2-layer metal for a simple, sleek look that shields the circuitry from the influence of mechanical or electromagnetic interference.

  • Suitable for MM and MC cartridges
  • Analogue RCA, USB and optical out on back
  • 3 Inputs (2 Phono, 1 Line)
  • Precise RIAA equalisation
  • Dual mono circuitry for optimized channel separation
  • Selectable input impedance on front
  • Selectable input capacitance on front
  • Digital output sampling frequency adjustable
  • Low noise circuitry
  • Gold-plated RCA in & outputs
  • Sandwich alu/metal casing protects from vibrations and electromagnetic interference
  • Color options: silver including the optional wooden side panels
  • Handmade in Europe
List $800.00
Sale $399.00

Pro-ject Remote preamp Pre Box DS2 Digital
with 5 digital inputs, phono stage, fixed and variable outputs as well as a subwoofer out
Analog input and Blue Tooth

  • Phono stage (MM/MC), Line In on board
  • 5 digital Inputs: 1x USB, 2x optical, 1x coax, 1x BT (aptX)
  • Top grade AK4490 D/A chip (32-bit PCM 768kHz / DSD256)
  • Up to 32bit/768kHz asynchronous USB (XMOS technology)
  • DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 (DSD over PCM)
  • Up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs
  • 5 selectable digital filter characteristics
  • 3 selectable sound modes
  • Headphone output on the front (6.3mm)
  • High-end ultra low phase oscillator with superior noise rejection
  • RCA line level solid-state analogue output stage
  • Ultra linear & ultra low noise circuitry
  • Fixed line level output as well as variable output
  •     Mono subwoofer RCA output
  •     Trigger in/out
  •        Handmade in Europe

List $1128.00
Including $1129.00 wood side panels

Sale $599.00 delivered
Limited quantity-Call about colors available
Package with the 100wpc Amp Box DS2 below at $898.00

Pro-ject Amp Box DS2
100 watts/channel per amplifier
Multiple finished available
  • Superior Class D modules
  • Impressive signal spectrum and lower distortion
  • Low heat emission
  • Stereo level input (RCA)
  • Loop output (RCA)
  • Isolated speaker outputs
  • Trigger input & loop out
  • Elegant aluminium – metal sandwich casing
  • Available in black or silver with optional wooden side panels
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Power output: 2 x 100W/140W at 8ohm/4ohm (both channels driven)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 50kHz (0dB, -3dB)
  • Channel separation: >40dB at 20kHz
  • Noise floor: >90dB
  • THD: <0.1% at 90W
  • Gain: 31dB
  • Pre in: 2 pair RCA (bypass input-output)
  • Input sensitivity: 550mV (100W, 4ohms)
  • Input impedance: 10kohm
  • Speaker connectors: 4mm banana plugs
  • Trigger: 12V switching voltage
List $1124.00 including $129.00 side panels
Sale $399.00

Core Power Ground Zero

Ground Zero is our inexpensive new baby Deep=Core. We wanted to deliver Deep=Core peformance at a much lower cost for smaller and less expensive systems. Ground Zero is the answer. It is a 600 watt device that plugs into your wall outlet and give you the DC scrubbing and RFI removal like the Deep=Core. It also has our unique Contour Control, to match the AC power coming into your house to your equipment's power supplies. It does not have EMI filtering.
List $599.00

Sale $399.00 delivered

Add a $400.00 Gold power cord for only $99.00 with purchase

SAVE $582.00 NOW
Great new review out
Easily the best conditioner at anywhere near this deal

Currently sold out-Next shipment due around the end of June

The new 
EQUI=CORE 1000 is a 1000 watt, balanced line conditioner. It comes standard with 3 Hubbell style duplex outlets. The 1000 supports up to 6 products. It also offers surge protection in addition to sonics that typically sell for $2500.00 – $3000.00 from the competition. It uses our latest transformer with improved low noise technology. It comes with a standard power cord and we have great deals on upgraded cords with purchase of the 1000.
In the new Tone Audio review they say:
"Five to ten minutes in, you should be able to hear what you need to hear. With the Equi=Core in place, backgrounds become more silent, which equals more dynamics, better low-level resolution, and none of the complex overtones that you’re used to with stringed or wind instruments are corrupted."
"Again, Core Power gets the job done right and without requiring you to cancel your vacation plans. Highly recommended.
The Equi=Core 1000 will handle 90% of the audio systems out there as well as all video and headphone systems.
List $1,680.00
Sale $1,098.00 delivered
Includes 3 $60.00 copper duplexes
Add a $400.00 Gold power cord for only $99.00
or our $1,000.00 Diamond cord for only $375.00

 Audio GE Cadenza Speakers
Save 52%


At Underwood Hifi we are always looking to present high-quality products that we can offer to our customers at great Internet Direct prices. In Audio GE, we've found a small Lithuanian company that makes great speakers with no North American presence. We've listened to their Teddy & Cadenza models and were amazed at the value. Sonically, Cadenza leans to the warmer side of neutral and is a great, less expensive alternative to Harbeth. It's designed for rooms up to 3000 cubic feet. 

The Cadenza excels at delivering dynamic bass and the musical articulation. Its easy to drive nature and bass punch are compatible with a wide range of AV amplifiers and receivers. Elegant design and aesthetic compactness. Designed to be cost effective speakers with classic design. Cadenza is a floor-standing speaker with best balance in price and size. The slim, small and light cabinet will fit in any part of your listening room and our stocked beautiful real Ebony classic natural wood finish should satisfy most tastes. It features a highly braced and CNC machined cabinet. This and balanced crossover gives incredible performance in all frequency scale for the price. All drivers are by Scanspeak.
Only 2 pair left

List $2,200.00 Pair
Sale $999.00 pr delivered
More info here: https://www.underwoodhifi.com/products/audio-ge

Audio GD
World class solid state preamp
with built in Power regenerator
Amazing at under $3k
The Audio GD HE-1 MK2 is an amazing value
Save $300.00

Our favorite solid state preamp under $7500.00
HE-1 MK2 Regenerative power supply, Real Balanced ACSS Pure Class A Solid State Preamp
The HE-1 MK2 is a fully balanced Class A preamplifier with a built in regenerative power supply. It makes perfect new power and then supplies It to the preamp. It uses all discrete analog stages without any OP amps or coupling caps in the signal path. It has a zero feedback ACSS analog current output stage.
In the secrets review of the original they said:
"The Audio-gd HE-1 preamplifier is one of the three best preamplifiers I’ve ever heard. It creates an acoustic space like no other component. Despite the spatial goodness, the HE-1 avoids coloring the sound. Not to be missed!"
Compare to $10,000 preamps
Sale $2,990.00 delivered

Core Power Technologies
600 watt balanced power conditioner
Save $777.00
Amazing for moderate sized systems, headphone systems & TV's

The new Equi=Core 600 is a 5 amp, 600 watt, price breakthrough in a fully Balanced A/C Power Source. We have designed this unit for front ends, headphone systems as well as moderate sized audio systems with 150 watts amps or smaller.  It is also amazing on large screen TV's. We use the same quality components as in our more expensive units and include 2 standard duplexes to run up to 4 products. These can up upgraded to our custom copper duplexes for only $78.00 total.  The 600 watt transformer is electrostatically shielded like our larger units. The Equi=Core 600 uses series wiring to improve performance even further. It comes standard with 2 Hubbell style gold plated bronze duplexes.

List $1,415.00
includes 2 of our $60.00 copper duplexes
Add a $400.00 Gold power cord- only $99.00 w/purchase


Add a $599.00 Ground Zero for only $999.00 for the package

Audio GD preamp/DAC
Audio GD R28
Balanced preamp w/resistor ladder DAC & 9.5wpc headphone amp
The R28 (2022) is a fully Fully Balanced solid state preamp with 9.5 watts per channel headphone amp and a superb resistor ladder R2R DAC. We continue to be shocked at this level of sonic performance and build quality along with this feature set at this cost.
Comparable products sell for $3000.00 from the competition.
The R28 features a fully discrete R-2R push-pull digital decoding DAC as well as 4 fully discrete real balanced DSD native decoders. The DAC uses two femto clocks to provide ultra low jitter.
The USB input supports 32bit / PCM384K PCM and up to DSD 512 asynchronous transfer. Clocking is done by a custom programmed FPGA.
The custom internal software that runs the unit is upgradable to improve sound quality in the future. All digital process mode settings are accessible by buttons on the front.
$1,399.00 delivered
Add a Warp 1 150wpc amplifier for a superb package for a total of only
$2,399.00 delivered


Core Power USBe Perfect
The ultimate USB cable upgrade
Save $250.00 now
Great deal

In the first review in Audiopursuit.com they summed with:
"The Core Power Technologies USBe Perfect is a revelation. The improvements are absolute. What is happening inside the screw-sealed metal container is a positive auditory experience.  Not only is this diminutive wonder not leaving my system, but I’m planning on buying a second for my other system, the USBe Perfect is absolutely worth every penny! "


In the new review in Audio Matters they say:
"Let me keep this simple - you put it in, listen, you take it out, listen, you put it in again. It really is that simple.”

enjoythemusic.com said:
"Then I listened with the USBe Perfect."
"Suddenly I found it difficult to focus on work.
I thought I knew everything this album had to give. Layers upon layers of vocal harmony were revealed in high resolution like a 4k display for your ears.”

Here is a new user feedback: "Hello Walter, Nothing short of magical in my system, very happy to have bought the USBe perfect."
 List $499.00
Sale $229.00 delivered worldwide
add our $500.00 Diamond USB cable for a total package price of $399.00


Elac Carina deal 
Excellent Andrew Jones designed speakers

Carina continues ELAC's tradition of utilizing the JET tweeter, chosen for its amazing clarity, dynamics and attack. To match this capability, Andrew Jones designed a new in-house proprietary compound curvature aluminum coned woofer to seamlessly blend with the tweeter via a sophisticated multi-element crossover to produce an organic life like sound experience.
Type: 2-way Vented box
Woofer: 1 x Aluminum cone 5-1/4″
Tweeter: JET folded ribbon
Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz
Frequency range (IEC 268-5): 46Hz – 30kHz
Sensitivity: 85dB/2.83V/1m
Recommended amplifier power: 30 to 150 wpc
Peak power handling: 100W
Nominal | Minimum impedance: 6 Ohm / 4.8 Ohm
Finishes: Satin Black, Satin White
Net Weight (each): 14.73 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD): 12.54 x 08.06 x 8.54 (9.72 including speaker terminals)

Was $1499.00/Pr
Sale $799.00 delivered
Only 1 pr to sell at this deal



Battery or USB powered TR-AMP preamp deal

In cooperation with Auris Audio well known European High End Audio company EarMen presents a TR-Amp, Battery powered High quality DAC/Headphone amp/Preamp with impressive characteristics.

TR-Amp with power up to 400mW will enable you to listern almost all known headphones.
The ES9038Q2M SABRE Reference DAC sounds great
The versatile audio input accepts PCM up to 384kHz, DSD256 via DoP, native DSD128 and MQA.
EarMen TR-Amp is a licensed and standard-compliant
MQA native hardware renderer.

Made in Europe



  • 3700mA battery with up to 10h of music enjoyment
  • Separate DATA and Charging USB type C ports allows you to use it all day long in your system
  • Analog volume control for Preamp and Headphone amp
  • Double Enjoyment with 2 pairs of headphones simultaneously
  • Analog switch for Direct DAC or PreAmp function
  • ALL METAL aluminum housing eliminate external noise sources
  • Limited quantity
  • Sale $149.00 delivered

Simply the best headphones
Call to discuss these world Class phones

Stereophile's Herb Reichert
"In my view: The RAAL-Requisite SR1b's are both revelatory and revolutionary. Class A+. "
"Even compared to headphones already well regarded for their ability to render micro-details, such as Focal’s Utopia, the STAX SR-009S or the LB-Acoustics MySphere, the SR1a are clearly superior."
Audiophile style said:
"All music lovers, audiophiles, and even gear junkies need these headphones as part of their audio arsenal. It's just that simple. The RAAL-requisite SR1a are unequivocally the best headphones and the most notable audio product I've ever heard. Period. End of story."
Call to discuss these amazing phones and the new HSA-1B amp
Both are In stock now
Core Power Technologies
Diamond power cord
A world class cord at our low April deal
Save 50% on Diamond power cords
The Diamond uses 9 separate cores of 16 gauge 8N OFC copper plated with 70 microns of extruded pure silver. It is insulated with FEP teflon. The custom weave we use is optimized for maximum performance, ie inductance and capacitance. State of the art black carbon fiber IEC power plugs are used.
See the new Positive Feedback review at:
Customers are comparing our Diamond cord to $5000.00 & $10,000.00 cords  
List $1,000.00
Sale $499.00

Core Power Technologies
Gold power cord deal  
Save 40%+ on the superb new  
Core Power Gold power cord
Compare our Internet direct cord to any $1000.00 cord.  
We did and were amazed! 
List $400.00
Sale $199.00 delivered
Buy 2 or more for $179.00 each
Core Power Technologies
 Deep=Core sale
It makes all power conditioners better

The Deep Core 1800 is designed to not only provide clean, spur free power but it also allows the user to optimize the power delivery interface via a user adjustment Contour Control. The optimization of the power delivery interface can significantly affect sound quality as the power company is a major contributor to attributes such as poor noise floor and dynamic range of the system. The Deep Core 1800 can be used with almost any system providing optimized power for both source components and power amplifiers.
It will work as a stand alone device, in front of the Equi=Core 1800 or in front of any other power conditioner you may already own.
  The Deep Core 1800 should be connected in front of your power conditioner as it is the "final" word in preparing your AC for a good power conditioner. Its uniqueability to not only fully cleanse AC power sources of both DC, EMI and RFI noise, as well as to match your AC to your individual components, is unique among competing products.
List $1,355.00  
Sale $639.00
with Free $60.00 copper duplex
Buy the package for $699.00 with a $400.00 Gold power cord
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0
preamp with room correction & DAC
Our low March Madness deal
Rooms are the biggest issue we face
Was Stereophile Class A rated and an Absolute Sound Golden Ear award winner
List $1200.00
Sale $749.00 delivered

Cable Deals

Core Power
Save 40% on Diamond cables
Save 30% on Gold cables
Save 20% on Silver cables
60% on Diamond USB or coaxial digital cables

Now selling turntables from:
Mofi Electronics  
Music Hall
Call for our low sale prices

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