Jolida Fusion preamplifier

We are glad to introduce a very high quality affordable tube preamp that will compete with far more expensive designs. Our modified Jolida Fusion remote controlled preamp is better than any $5k preamp that we are aware of. It goes head to head with the Reference series designs from ARC as well as expensive preamps from Modwright, Conrad Johnson and Aesthetix.

New modified preamp $2250.00
Mod to your preamp $1300.00


Jolida Fusion preamplifier

The Fusion has 3 RCA and one set of XLR inputs as well as a Home Theater Bypass. It has 2 sets of RCA and one set of XLR's. It also has a fixed set of RCA out's.

We do not just upgrade parts. We completely remove the existing tube stages. We replace them with a single Class A, 0 feedback 12AU7 voltage amp direct coupled to our actively loaded cathode follower output stage. We also install upgraded resisters and output coupling caps throughout. This cuts the active stages in half and eliminates 4 caps in the signal path.

The result is a world class remote controlled tube preamp at the very affordable cost of only $2250.00 for a new modified preamp. We can modify your preamp for $1300.00 + frt. We offer a 2 year warranty on new preamps and 2 years on our work if you send us your preamp. 

Transparency is dramatically upgraded. Bass is tighter and more extended. Detail is increased while imaging and soundstaging is much better.