At Underwood HiFi, our goal is to deliver the best products at the lowest possible prices. We have been doing just that over the last 19 years. We have over 49 years in the industry and an impeccable reputation. Read our feedback to see what our customers think.

We advertise lots of products and our firm promise is to deliver them in the condition stated in our ads. We run a low overhead operation to be able to offer such truly exceptional pricing - and as our thousands of happy customers will attest to, we offer really good advice, too.

We can only guarantee that products will arrive in the condition stated in our ads. Special ordered product orders cannot be canceled once the product has been shipped to us as we can't return it to our manufacturers. Once your order is shipped, it cannot be canceled because you changed your mind. Orders for modified products cannot be canceled once we have started modifying a unit. Orders for modified products canceled prior to shipment (if we have already begun modifications or they were special order items in the first place) are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

We are audiophiles ourselves. We understand that audiophiles are in constant search for the Holy Grail and most don't know what it even is. We cannot guarantee the holy grail, however. The Internet has changed the way high-end products are sold. We spend a long time with each one of our customers to help them make the correct choices for their systems. Many of our modified and stock products have in addition been reviewed. Please do your research before making a purchase decision. We cannot guarantee that a product's sonic characteristics will fit every customer's taste. If a product arrives and you do not like its sonics, it is your responsibility to resell it, not ours to buy it back.

We do not offer any trials or money-back guarantees. When you make a buying decision, it is a buy-to-keep, not buy-to-try decision. Due to our low prices and inability to handle returns, we cannot and do not offer in-home trials.

We try our best to offer the best prices possible at the time of sale. WE DO NOT OFFER PRICE PROTECTION OF ANY KIND once a sale is completed and the product has been shipped.

If a new stock product suffers freight damage or fails within the first 3 business days, it will typically be replaced (other than bad tubes). If we cannot replace it with an identical or comparable unit, we offer a full refund. After 3 days, defective stock units must be repaired under the manufacturer's warranty.

Any modified gear that arrives and does not work will be checked and repaired in a rush manner. We pay all freight charges in the small percentage of cases where this occurs. All modified goods are professionally checked before shipment and it is at our discretion whether to repair or replace them should they not work on arrival. Such cases are rare and almost always minor freight-related issues since all such products are checked and work flawlessly before we ship them.

Used products rarely have a warranty unless one was expressively stated in the ad. We can only guarantee that they will work when they first arrive and be in the cosmetic condition we advertised.

Please note that on International sales the customer is responsible for all freight, both ways, even for warranty work.

If a product arrives with freight damage, it is the customer's responsibility to report it to us within 3 business days of receipt so a claim can be started. If you wait longer than that, we may not be able to instigate a claim. We do work with every customer to resolve freight damages in a timely manner. In 19 years of operations, we have rarely had any issues if we were informed about problems in a timely manner.

We realize that some customers must try before they buy. We then refer them to their local dealers and recommend that they buy from that retailer if they have taken valuable time and used their demonstration facilities to come to a purchase decision. We realize that our approach is not for everyone, yet it is the only way to offer the exceptional discounts we do.

Finally, we have not gathered the enormous positive feedback because we do not work with our customers. Au contraire. We strive to work with each and every individual situation just as our positive feedback attests to.

If you are not sure about anything, please ask before making a purchase. All emails and questions are typically answered in a timely manner.

Having herewith posted our policies openly for all to see, we expect and assume that when you contact us for advice and ordering, you have already read and understood these policies and agree to abide by them.