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Wywires is a small American cable company. Alex Sventitsky designs and hand builds all his cables. They were 8 years in design. They are superb. Reviews have all been exceptional. These are mid-priced cables that compete with the very best. Reviews can be read here.

Positive Feedback just names the Wywires Platinum series interconnects their top pick in the under $2000.00 cable category. Platinum has replaced the Gold series and is a nice step up for less money.

Here is a user email feedback on the entry level Blue speaker cables:

Walter, I want to thank you for your communications, and for having such a good ear and picking out such great product lines.  I was really expecting very little with my "starter" cables from Wywires.  After all, they're being hooked up to the Elac UF5 speakers that you sell, through a crummy AV pre/pro and an Emotiva amp.  But whoa.  Not only was there no overhang to the notes, but they took care of the electronic "chunkiness" I had on lead transients, and cleared up the soundfield.  Bass was laughably better.  I have tried several times to listen to music on my system, but kept looking at my watch.  Now I can listen through.  It's true that this is not my old "audiophile" system, hooking up Emerald Physics speakers with a great pre/DAC and nice Rogue amps, but at least it can be listened to.  How a pair of "skinny" wires can do that, I don't know.  I only wish I'd bought a third cable for my center channel!  
Aloha, and thanks again, Walter.  Just a great experience.

Headphone cables
Platinum From $599.00
RED  From $349.00

Platinum formula headphone cable highlights:
Upgraded benefits of the foundation RED formula, with greatly reduced inductance, resulting in higher resolution and better transient response.  The Platinum cable has a proprietary carbon/graphine compound to absorb and dissipate high frequency electromagnetic interference, housed in a small protective tube.

WyWires RED series is only entry level in price. It was the first series for the personal listening market, including headphones cables and extension cables. RED cables are compatible with a variety of headphone and amplifier options. We designed a new Litz wire formula and cable to be flexible, lightweight, durable and non-microphonic. RED is also our thinnest cable line to date, in keeping with our less-is-more philosophy. RED is identified by red body, with white pigtails that connect to the headphone. Red starts at $349.00 for a 5 foot pair. Here is a user quote from a customer who is also a reviewer:

Hey Walter, You need to push these WyWire cables harder.  I got 75 hours on these things right now, but out of the box the difference was immediate and intense.  I honestly question why Audeze evens bothers including their own cable.  They should just recommend this thing.  At 0 hours there was an immediate sense of air and greater bass.  At 75 hours, the midrange is liquid, the bass is violently powerful and taught, and the highs sparkle.  I actually feel the midrange right now.  There is literally a tactile sensation with each pluck of this Spanish guitar. It's amazing.

Quite frankly WyWires is the best cable upgrade I have ever made.  I plan on outfitting my entire system with this stuff.

If this is budget level sound, you can probably only legally sell the platinum grade pipes in Colorado or California.

I was honestly hesitant to spend a few hundred on cables without first listening, but as usual, you had the right answers that gave me the best result.  Seriously, thank you.  It's pretty refreshing to have a dealer on which you can rely.

Thanks for the excellent recommendation.  I'm a WyWires fan for life. 

Regards, Mike
Interconnects from $799.00
Speaker cable from $1199.00
Power cords from $499.00

Juice II Digital Power Cord
– For all digital devices; DAC’s CD players, music servers. Changes in shielding and ground architecture, along with the addition of carbon-infused foam, result in improved resolution, a tidier, more organized soundstage, stereo imaging stability and better bass tones.   $499

WyWires Silver series is the classic line that started the revolution in air dielectric, Litz wire design. The Silver line embodies our design philosophy of ”less is more,” yielding unprecedented electrical and sonic performance.  Identified by gray/silver outer sheathing.

Interconnects from $299.00
Speaker cable from $549.00
Power Cords from $329.00

WyWires Blue series represents a “trickle down” approach, taking what we have learned during the ongoing development of the Silver series of cables and applying that knowledge to offer a more economical product line. The Blue Series offers much of the performance attributes as the Silver albeit in a simplified and less luxurious offering, at entry level pricing. Identified by royal blue label and black sheathing.

Speaker cable

Interconnects from $1799.00
Speaker cables from $2999.00
Power Cords from $999.00

Platinumn amed 2016 Editors Choice in Positive Feedback for Interconnect, speaker cable & power cords

Platinum, that replaces Gold, is a recently-developed series that takes most of the elements of the Silver and adds additional conductor material of varying gauges of Litz wire to accomplish the goals of higher bandwidth and greater frequency extension especially at the low end of the spectrum with increased dynamic range and “slam”.  In addition, the Platinum adds greater dimensional information along with more separation of instruments and performers within the soundstage. Identified by brilliant white outer sheathing/sparkling silver underlayer.

Here are the Platinum advantages over Silver:
1) Platinum offer better resolution from bass thru treble
2) Platinum has better separation & deliniation of instruments and performers
3) Soundstage is wider and deeper
4) Better micro & macro dynamics especially with large scale classical
5) Greater frequency extension in the bass and treble
6) Mush lower noise for blacker backgrounds & a more vivid presentation
7) More emotion is presented especially in vocals
Blue Series cable was named Product of the year in The Absolute Sound

Interconnects from $4495.00
Speaker cables from $7995.00