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            In late 2018 Jolida will be changing their name to Black Ice Audio

With final assembly performed in the US and critical parts like transformers sourced from Germany, tube manufacturer Jolida has garnered an enviable reputation for high-performance products at real-world prices. We sell both stock and modified units.

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Jolida Black Ice F159

F-159 proto photo. The real units will have solid tops

State of the art Phono stage

Back Story of the F 159:
The author of the F159 is Jim Fosgate. Foz’s electronic design experience and excellence spans decades and coupled with Jolida’s decades of manufacturing experience, results in a unit which can provide our customers with a distinct improvement in turntable sound reproduction at an affordable price. In addition the phono pre-amplifier has a Fosgate designed Crosstalk Reduction Circuit (XT-R) which represents a distinctive electronic approach to solving crosstalk caused by a turntable’s cartridge and acoustic problems due to axial tilt. We have placed the name F159 to honor the designer who has built and tested 158 prototypes until finalizing his work in the 159th iteration.
Basic Specifications:
1- Gain @ 1KHZ in low gain position 40DB with 47K input.
2- Gain @ 1KHZ in high gain position 60DB with 47K input.
3- Noise floor in high gain position approx -70 DB with input load set to 10 ohms, noise floor will be lower with gain set in low position.
4- Frequency response with RIAA EQ is Plus/Minus 1/4 DB from 250 HZ to 20KHZ, + 3DB at 20 HZ (Bass Boost)
5- Distortion .05% @ 1 KHZ 1V RMS out.
6- Plate voltages APPROX 90V on input stage, 70V on second stage.
7- The calibrate meters work the same way as the XTR
8- Rear panel adjustable loading
9- uses 2 6922/6DJ8 tubes

$799.00 with Wifi
Available in black or silver

Voted as one of the best under $1000.00 DAC's by The Absolute Sound.

  • Amplification of Analog Signal done exclusively via Vacuum tubes.
  • PCM: 32Bit/384KHz
  • DSD: DSD 64/DSD 128
  • Asynchronous Burr Brown Chip AD1896
  • DAC Chip: PCM 1795
  • R Style Transformer
  • State of the Art Components: capacitor filters, gold plated RCA jacks,
  • Finishes: Black and Silver



Fusion preamplifier Excellent full function remote controlled full tube preamplifier $1349
Soundstage Expander & Tube buffer
The Foz SS-X is a small box that does 3 things. They are:
1) Tube buffer
2) Bass Control
3) Soundtsge Expander
For under $400.00 you a Jim Fosgate designed product that is pretty amazing. It will add some tube warmth to your system. It allows you to tailor the bass response of your system and it will expand or narrow your soundstage depending on yor musical selection. The initial review was superb and summed with:

"I have rarely had so much fun reviewing anything audio. I was like a kid in a candy store. Experimenting with three dimensional sound using the bass control and adjusting the stage between my speakers. Switching between different sources, bad recordings and wonderful recordings. All the time anticipating what I would hear if I added a little more warmth, a bit more bass or widened the stage of a live performance. My years long battle with the uneven acoustics of my small listening space has ended. The futile addition of sound shaping things on my walls, some reflective and some absorptive, black Argent Helmholtz pipes. Sticky backed foil things on speakers even a block of clear acrylic on top of my system to focus sound. If you can relate to the fight I fought and the money I wasted then you owe it to yourself to give the $400 Dollar SSX a try. I’m keeping it."
Semper Hi-Fi

Read the entire review at:



Electronic crosstalk and axial tilt corrector 

See the youtube video at:

The XT-R represents a distinctive electronic approach to solving crosstalk inherent in many turntable cartridges and acoustic problems due to axial tilt. The FOZ XT-R was designed by Jim Fosgate. Jim (Foz) Fosgate’s life long career in audio design represents decades of work on every possible circuit approach to car stereo, surround processors, tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, phono preamplifiers and other accessories. This wide array of designs have all been explored in depth, built, and auditioned by Foz. In coupling Foz’s XT-R design with Jolida’s decades of manufacturing experience; the result is a unit which can provide our customers with a distinct improvement in turntable sound reproduction at an affordable price. Foz has designed an elegant electronic circuit to effectively reduce crosstalk and axial tilt. The XT-R represents a breakthrough since axial tilt and crosstalk is compensated for electronically and does not use the traditional approach of physical adjustment to mitigate the problems. The XTR incorporates signal cancellation to reduce inter channel crosstalk. This is the same technique that is used in high separation surround processors. The XTR corrects for a misaligned stylus or cantilever, misaligned generator, misaligned tone arm azimuth (axial tilt). It also reduces crosstalk from cross coupling of the generator coils or tone arm wiring. This works with moving magnet, moving iron, and moving coil cartridges. The XT-R will compensate for up to 7 degrees of axial tilt and can improve crosstalk to a maximum of 40dB. The result will be an improvement in stereo imaging.

Power amplifiers

          JD-1501P 100wpc hybrid power amplifier $949 
  • JD-3502P 50/60wpc full tube based power amplifier $1449 with EL34 (50 watts)/ $1575 with 6550's (60 watts)
  • JD-1000P 100wpc 8 tube power amplifier $2249 with 6550 tubes at 120wpc $2449.00 / $2249.00 with EL34's (100 watts) I have one silver JD1000P  power amplifier with EL-34 tubes for only $1699.00 delivered.

Headphone amps

FX Headphone amp with 12AX7's.
  • The FX HP amp is a great sounding affordable option for those looking for a quality affordable tube HP amp. It uses two 12AX7A vacuum tubes to drive a pair of headphones. There is a n ALPS audio potentiometer with, two sets gold plated RCA input jacks, one mini jack and one 1/4" phone plug. If has air, openness and richness even at low playing volumes. Adjustable bass and loudness switches add flexibility to get the sound you
    want. It comes with a one year warranty and even 1000 hours on the tubes. Available in black or silver

    Rated Output Power:           100 mW at a load of 32 ohms

    Frequency Response:          (at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 5Hz to 100KHz   + 1dB

    Bandwidth:                            20Hz to 100kHz + 1dB

    Distortion THD:                    Less than 0.1% at 100mW output, 32 ohm load

    Input  Impedance:                 32 ohms

    Output  Impedance:              32 to 300 ohms

    Input Sensitivity:                   450mV

    SNR:                                       85dB

    Tube Complement:               2 pcs. 12AX7

    Power Requirements:          110V-120 VAC 60Hz, 220 VAC 50Hz option

    Dimensions:                          7 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 4 inches high

    Weight:                                8 pounds (3.65 Kg) net, approximately 11 pounds (5 Kg) packaged             Construction Details and Features: 

    o Fully Integrated Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier: Input 450mV driving 100 mW.           

    o State of the Art Components: ALPS audio potentiometer, two sets gold plated RCA input jacks, and front panel minijack input.

    o Bass and Treble boost controls

    o Comes in Black or Silver

    Integrated full tube amplifiers
  • -FX-10 12wpc remote controlled integrated amp with excellent Absolute Sound review $649
  • -JD-1102 25wpc remote controlled EL-84 tube based integrated amplifier $1000
  • -Fusion 3502S New 50 watts (EL34) or 60 watts (6550) integrated amp with remote $1675.00 with EL34 tubes $1799.00 with 6550 tubes
  • -Fusion 801 60/70wpc remote controlled tube integrated amplifier w/upgraded transformers, HT bypass. LED simple bias and improved feature set. $2199.00 with EL34 tubes (60 watts) / $2375.00 with 6550 tubes (70 watts) Available in black or silver 

Tube DAC's

  • FX Tube DAC DSD Full tube DAC with coax, optical and USB inputs- DSD Capable $699.00
  • FX Tube DAC DSD Wifi Full tube DAC with coax, optical and USB inputs- DSD & Wifi control $799.00

Hybrid Tube amplifiers

  • JD-301RC Mini 30wpc remote controlled hybrid integrated amplifier $499
  • JD-1501BRC 100wpc remote controlled hybrid tube /solid state integrated amplifier $1099

Phono stage

  • JD-9 MKII Phono stage with 3 gain stages and excellent sonics $699
  • F-159 The new Black Ice F159 is designed by Jim Fosgate and a superb phono stage $1495.00
The JD-100A is discontinued and no longer available.